Friday March 10th 2023 Moon in Libra Sun in Pisces Journal Entry

I ate 3 days in a row today for the first time since January. It was unnecessary and emotional. I have been pretty bored lately. I finished most of my real estate books besides the contract one written by an attorney. It’s a bit dry and hard to read. So I have just been hanging out interviewing brokerages and people who have signed up to destroy me. It’s definitely not good times. It’s depressing and sad. So I have been eating to light up my brain. Tonight Haywood and I even had a snack. We ate poisoned cookies. Then we took some triphala to help our digestion and kidneys and liver. I love triphala. I found it in Arizona when I was healing. It’s great stuff, you all should try it. It helps with everything.

So today I finally figured out who the people from the north are that look like argentians. My uncle Brett is French Canadian and Danish not Argentian. So all my cousins are from the north. I’m the only Argentian, besides my brother. Pretty crazy. The people in real estate from the north are French canadians. They must love Patagonia instead of the north face. Patterns will always give the war games away you just have to keep looking for them. I have spent almost 42 years observing patterns. I still dont know much about the war games, but I see a lot of patterns.

So do you think the French canadians are the last group from the north I needed to reach? Think they will be able to stop the people in real estate from destroying me? I sure hope so because I dont want to eat more cookies. I want to go back to fasting and having hope. I have worked so hard my whole life just to be alive. To have so many people sign up to destroy me who have had such easy privileged lives is really hard on me. I try not to get emotional all the time. Because can you imagine what it feels like to be me? It’s just best not to go there and get emotional. I have a lot of things to be pretty grateful for in my life. But I sure as hell have a lot of grievances. I try not to dwell and I suppose I have taken up eating my feelings occasionally especially in the past 8 months since my Dad had Teka kidnapped and killed. I love that girl so much. But she wouldn’t have made it through the winter being revolutionary. I hope she got to be warm and got lots of attention before she died. Either way she knows Haywood and I love her. They killed my baby. And I eat cookies occasionally and I ate so much ice cream this winter because my heart hurts. My Dad killed my baby girl. He has taken everything from me including my life. But he killed my baby girl. And he trys to kill Haywood and me every day. I don’t have the luxury of being emotional because I will break if I get emotional. My family has been trying to break me my whole life. But I refuse to break. But I have to learn how to deal with my grief over Teka because eating sugar is eating poison. I have never in my adult life eaten this much sugar before. I can handle a lot. But Teka was my baby. I suppose that is how my Dad keeps you all in line. You all fear having to live like I do. But the surprise is you all already do live like me just with more smoke and mirrors. So I don’t know who the jokes on. But I sure hope this part of my revolution is over soon. 710 days is a long time. 21 days till my 42nd birthday. I started this revolution when I was 39. It’s been a really long two years. I hope I finally reached the world. I’m tired of watching people and finding patterns. I want to live again. This revolution has been so boring. I like projects, but I also like living and evolving and working. My personal life in the ovett world is non existent almost. I just want to be normal and ordinary and have a good career and a home. I want to payoff my credit cards and save money to buy a small farm. Which after researching last night, I am going to have to save a ton of money to buy on my own. From what I hear my parents may actually have money even though they always act broke. So they will eventually die and I will get some of that. Maybe that is how I will buy a large farm.

I wish I could say that I was looking forward to selling real estate. But really I just want to make enough money to ferment the world and start my farm. It will be so amazing to meet the farmers in the overt world. I look forward to making those cold calls so much. You all know I will start with farms in southern LA. And work my way north along I5. Just like I did in person.

Interacting with the people who I now understand to be the French Canadians in the past week or two has been interesting. They are smart. It’s not like the people on the darkside who my Dad has turned into a subhuman slave race. It was really nice to talk to people who were intelligent. It’s been almost 2 years since I spoke to someone intelligent. Most of my life I have been surrounded by stupid people who act like I’m the stupid one. I may not know everything about the war games, but I know my fair share about the world.

I realized why the people in the north are smarter. It has to do with sunshine, vitamin d, white people, heavy metals, and more c diff and t Ghondi. I have not figured out the exact equation for asperger’s. But I know it has to do with c diff and the parasite we get from cats t Ghondi. And parasites breed more when you have a lack of vitamin D. So the people up north not only really love their cats, but they don’t get a lot of sunshine aka vitamin D. Plus there are a lot of superior white people up there who sunburn so they avoid the sun even when they have a chance to get some sunshine. These people are bacteria and parasite machines. And whenever you interact with them they share these parasites and bacteria with you. And even those of you who dont burn and enjoy sunshine are lacking vitamin D. People who have enough vitamin d are less likely to have a bad c diff infection. So up north it’s a breeding ground for c diff and parasites and bad bacteria. So you all have Asperger’s more instead of regular Autism with Dyslexia. In Washington the mafia people have a mix of asperger’s with dyslexia that is really neat and fascinates me. It’s similar to Korea but more Dyslexic than Aspergers. In Korea it’s more Asperger’s than Dyslexia. But this makes both sides of the brain more active. Both are super soldiers, just different kinds. The people in real estate over the past week the French Canadians have mostly asperger’s which makes them really smart. But they seem to be missing the human factor. They dont have natural sales ability. Sales is all about humanity. My cousin Jessica taught me sales. She has a Washington super soldier brain. She programmed me to be good at sales. No one could have done what she did to me because she was one of the few people I trusted. She used neuro linguistic programming to make me good at sales. I learned to channel my humanity and that was almost 2 decades ago. She trained me on how to succeed not only in the war zone I call a life but in this revolution.

A1 is Korean but he is the old prototype of Aspergers where he doesn’t have dyslexia. He is in no way creative. Look on IG at the accounts in Korea. They are amazing. It’s a window into potential. I use both sides of my brain, but I’m not naturally creative. I have worked really hard to be human and have humanity. It’s a learned skill. My family didn’t teach me how to be human. They taught me how to live in pain. But one day I want to be around the prototypes from Korea who are both dyslexic and have asperger’s. Those people intrigue me.

I didn’t explain the heavy metal part. The south is not as smart as the north even though they have so much sunshine. The people in Arizona were pretty dumb. There were a few smart people but they were the exception to the rule. See people in my Dad’s cult are dumb. It’s c diff because he gets them to grow their c diff infections and c diff causes mitochondrial dysfunction which causes autoimmune diseases and cancer and Alzheimer’s. So these people loose themselves and dont realize it or feel it. Even the people from Washington with the fun brains loose their smarts when they join my Dad’s cult. See my Dad poisons people with heavy metals. I think he gets people to poison themselves. I know he does. They just don’t realize what they are doing. Lead makes people dumb. A lot of the poisons my Dad’s cult members use daily have lead in them. Every time they poison others they poison themselves. Parasites bacteria and viruses stick to the heavy metals in your body. So they get dumb and grow disease. I did heavy duty heavy metal cleansing in Arizona and I stained my sheets purple with whatever I was sweating out. My parents poisoned me with heavy metals so I would never know I was a genius. I know the people in the south and in my Dad’s cult could be smart. Because I was like them. But they have to choose to heavy metal cleanse and stop poisoning everyone and themselves. Just like the French Canadians need to learn humanity. We all have learned skills we need to work on. Being human doesn’t come naturally in a subhuman environment. We are designed to be less than. Which means we have to work on being human. It’s a process for us all. But you are who you interact with because everyone you interact with you share bugs with. We are more parasite virus and bacteria cells than we are human cells. This is why people who live together start to look alike. Married couples share bugs in countless ways. That’s why they start to look alike among other things.

So I may not know much about the war games, but I would rather know about the world. Because the real world will always trump this stupid imaginary game we all play. But I guess my question still remains. Do I get to have a normal ordinary life yet? I just want to be a regular ordinary human. Have I done everything I need to in order to get a real life yet? I just want to buy a farm and ferment the world and fix the destruction my families have caused. And I’m still waiting on an Argentian man or Danish man with 3 grown children to marry me. So we can all know my birthrights will never go back to my family. I don’t believe in romantic love and I dont desire sex, but I believe in doing the right thing. And I want to pass my birthrights on to children who understand what they are signing up for. I look forward to being a grandmother. Spoiling children with potential is all I want to do. I suppose I can bake some cookies too. So I dream of fermenting the world tonight. And I hope you all work on the first step in this equation which is finding me a safe place in the real estate industry here in Eugene. I meet with Bess the owner of equinox realty on Tuesday maybe start with her. Someone has to be my safe place in this warzone my Dad has created.

Sweet dreams of realities of the future.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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