Friday March 10th 2023 Moon in Libra Sun in Pisces Salem We Have A Puzzle

Salem my favorite communication hub, I need your help. There is a group of people from the north still fighting this war for my Dad. I don’t know who they are. But they are regular ordinary people without big ties to the war games or the mafias. And they are from the North. I need you all to help me find these people’s leaders and let them know what’s happening. They aren’t Danish or superior white people. They are ethnic and some are white. But a few look like the people from the mafia in Louisiana. I suppose those people have French Canadian roots right? So I need your help. I know who these people aren’t, but I dont really know who they are. I saw people with the same genes and epigenetics as a guy I knew Dave Cox who used to grow weed in Oregon. His people are involved, but I’m thinking he may be related to the Louisiana people. So I suppose I need to connect with the French Canadians. And anyone else up north who is in charge of people. I saw black people and Hispanic people who were from the north today. I guess I just need to talk to all the north leaders. Especially the ones in charge of regular ordinary people. The south has their people under control but the north is still not all in the know. So we have to help get them there. Get all the north leaders tuned in and tonight I will read the list of destruction again for everyone. So anyone who hasn’t heard the list of destruction, get them tuned in tonight.

Thank you Salem I appreciate you.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

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