Friday March 17th 2023 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Pisces Help With My Car

Leaders, I need help with my Jeep. David Mortlock the fixer at Sheppard Motors is incredibly spun out on my Dad’s cult. He literally is high like a drug addict. Ian Caldwell is also involved. I need to know I can trust the people at Sheppard motors to do good quality work to fix what they damaged. And I’m hoping you all can help me get a better deal. They still want me to pay a really large amount for the repairs. They broke my Jeep and want me to pay them to fix it while not admitting guilt or fault at all. I would not only like all their knee caps broken but I would like them to come back to reality.

Now I realize my Dad creates a special delusion for his cult members. He tells them they are greater than and untouchable. He tells them we all are their toys to destroy and play with. He tells them we should be grateful for their presence and destruction. They all walk around with an overwhelming arrogance because my Dad creates this arrogance in them by designing their shared delusion to instill it in them.

Please can we chop his cult members down to size? Also can I have help with the people at the Oregon employment department too? They have bought in quite heavily to this opportunity to work with my Dad. Philip and Gretchen are quite interesting to experience. It’s funny how someone my Dad’s cult has destroyed for a lifetime can sign up to destroy others and start to believe they are superior.

Also in real estate I am meeting with Korrina a principal broker from Exp on Sunday. Her team of realtors do not share genes or epigenetics of people who have destroyed me in my life. We shouldn’t judge people by their family and genes, but I think it’s a safe bet to keep most people related to the people who have destroyed us at arms distance. Allow people to prove who they are. It’s only fair. Shoot I suppose in this world we should keep everyone at arms distance until they prove who they are. Anyways, I would like you all to reach out to Korrina and convince her it’s not a good idea to destroy me. I have learned the arm’s distance lesson again in the past two months. But even from an arms distance people can try to destroy you. So please help me be treated fairly.

Those are the only 3 places I am interacting with the overt world. But I need help with all of them. Pretty much everyone who comes in contact with me in the overt world is in my Dad’s cult or aspires to be and needs their knee caps broken to bring them back down to size and reality.

Does my Dad have his cult members do something special on their phones? Because it does put them in a trance state. I see them on social media and you tube and they are addicted and sucked in just like toddlers to their favorite cartoon. I used to watch Matthew Hatch as a kid and cartoons and chicken nuggets were like crack to him. And he often had them together. So we all have been conditioned to be like this from birth pretty much. I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV as a young child. But I remember it did feel like crack. I loved it and threw fits over it. Alf was one of my favorite shows that I was allowed to watch. One time my mom had cleaned the carpets and moved all the furniture into the kitchen and off the carpet. I threw such a fit she hooked the TV up for me in the kitchen so I could watch Alf. My mom never really gave into me much. But I was still only about 4 so she hadn’t been turned into a cult member completely yet. I remember when the Kudearoffs were them. I remember what they were like before they became my Dad’s cult members. They used to believe they were powerful in their own right. But my Dad turned them into his Bitches. I miss who they used to be because they used to think for themselves and that is the first step to getting better.

TV is a drug that trains us not to think for ourselves. Music is a drug that trains us to desire romantic love and be addicted to our emotions. Your phone and social media uses the behavioral inheritance systems to get you to copy others and value what they think and how things appear rather than do what you know and believe to be right. The people out in public in my Dad’s cult are there to get you to believe everything is okay. My Dad makes his cult members into a subhuman species so he can control them. This means they have gut disbiosis and their gut bacteria has been effected. Every time you interact with a cult member it effects your microbiome and thus your epigenetics. The people in my Dad’s cult are killing you. Commercials and ads and seeing people eat or drink on TV or in ads or in person effects your insulin levels, thus gut bacteria and microbiome and thus epigenetics. Traditions and social norms are killing you.

Everything you thought was normal is so very far from normal. Turn your phone on airplane mode, turn the music off, turn the TV off, stop going out in public around people, stop talking to people, etc. You need to spend time alone to break the trance. Exercise even walking and yoga help break the trance. But so does just breathing and being alone. It takes me about 48 hours to come back to reality after someone has tried to sell me the fake delusional world we are all supposed to live in but it took longer when I first started disconnecting from it years ago. So find yourself to find God and the truth. The best thing you can do for anyone is find yourself and God. You deserve to know what is real and live in truth. You deserve better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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