Friday March 3 2023 Moon in Cancer Sun in Pisces A Meeting With The Head Danish Leader

Good morning everyone I need to speak with the head Danish leader. Who is the guy when it comes to the Danish people? Or is it a woman? Either way I would like to speak with the person in charge who steers the boat for you all. I seem to be the guy when it comes to Non Hispanic Argentinians, so you all have to have someone like me up there. I’m assuming they would live in Michigan or somewhere up North near there in the middle.
I have been laying down since yesterday because I need to rest my body. I can tell the world has changed cause it sounds and feels different, but I haven’t adventured out to see it myself yet. However, my overt world hasn’t changed I still was so poisoned last night that I am swollen all over and my left hand is swollen from my heart failing. And of course my eyes from my kidneys failing. Nothing new, but nothing better either. Please let me speak to the person in charge of the Danish people. I need the guy. Just like I’m the guy for Argentinians. I will give you a few moments. Thank you.

Good morning I suppose I will call you the Danish guy even though you could be a lady. I’m the Argentinian guy and I’m a lady so please dont take offense. Thank you for tuning in. Last year I drove to Washington to find the farmers. It was a shit show of driving around the past 703 days. However, talking to you today concludes my search for people I needed to talk to in places of power. It’s been a hell of an adventure to say the least. I was never told who I was or anything about anything. It’s all a bit shocking, but its weirdly soothing on my nervous system because everything finally makes sense. My life has been really painful and I have been so sick my whole life. Now it all makes sense. There is a lot of relief in understanding everything finally.

So in Washington I searched for the Scandinavians as I called you all. I ended up finding them in Ballard in Seattle. I have found almost everyone in power by using Google, so maybe this war isn’t as covert as you all want to believe. I believe you are in Michigan because of Ford.

Now I realize Washington is like Texas in the sense that the superior white people are in charge there. So I suppose I never reached you with my messages or offer while I was there. So I should give this one last try.

See we all know I won’t live much longer the way things are. I have fought for my whole life to stay alive, but i have warred for the past 5 years. I cured my cancer naturally in the desert on my own by reading and doing experiments and making my own supplements and fermenting food and growing bacteria. I’m just not willing to try so hard anymore. I have made peace with God. He’s my best friend besides my dogs. I know I have done everything I could. My conscience is clear. I changed the world more than anyone could have imagined I could. But as my world stands I am just not willing to fight so hard to keep living in a hell my Dad designs for me. My life is just a preview for what you all can expect when I’m gone. I promise you all dont want to live like this. I even have the thought police in my head just like the book 1984. No one should have to live like this.

So here is the deal. I am not willing to fight so hard anymore. But I don’t want you all to have to live like I have either. But I’m not willing to endure hell anymore just to save you all and sacrifice myself. I’m a good person but I’m not a sacrificial lamb. So I have a way out for you all. I need to marry a man with 3 grown boys who understand what they are signing up for. This way my birthrights will live on, but not go back to my family. It needs to be boys because women are taught to tear things down and apart. But men are taught to rebuild things. I can’t completely reinvent the wheel. I have to work with things as they are now. You all need my birthrights. They are the one thing that can protect you all from my Dad and Brother. I understand it is scary to have to fight this covert war in your overt life. Believe me it is lame. But you are like me. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You are the one in charge of your people and their welfare. I understand everyone has been taught to destroy everything they touch, but the Danish people are different. You all have the best Gene’s and epigenetics. You all are the most human species. My Dad has created a subhuman species out of the rest of us. We are literally a slave race invented to do his bidding. It’s really scary to see it from a biology standpoint. Just looking at it scientifically gets emotional because it is upside down and backwards. It’s survival of the weakest and goes against everything Darwin found. I dont know how to explain it all. I have been trying for almost 2 years now.

So I’m not going to try as hard anymore. Yes, I’m still going to try and sell real estate and keep fasting. But I’m not going to keep doing the unthinkable everyday even more so than the past 703 days. I have reached my limits. I can only fight for people who dont want to fight for themselves for so long. I’m alive because I fight. But I cant fight alone. I’m offering you the world on a silver platter in many ways. Not only do I want you to have your world back, I want to give you my world to care for too. I believe you all will do best by my people and world. I see it in your genes and epigenetics. You all are the educated decision. Logically you all are the best choice. Honestly anyone is better than my family. But I went up to Washington last year with this offer first because I want the world in your hands. But maybe you didn’t hear me. So I’m trying this last time because I believe people will do the right thing when given the option and opportunity. So here is the option and opportunity you all have been waiting and searching for. I hope you take me up on my offer not only for the world but for me too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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