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Well hey there, hope you all are having a good start to your memorial day weekend adventure. If you tuned in for the first time chances are highly likely that you were driving up or down I5 North of Seattle at some point this evening. I sat there for about 3 hrs and made my announcement and published my blog. Reaching people is hard, but I have learned that its worthwhile.

This past year I have been creating a revolution. See my family has been trying to kill me for over three decades now. I never really understood it all until a couple weeks ago. All I knew was I was and am so different than them and that makes them really angry.

I’m going to read you the cliffsnotes to the past year. Get a pen and paper cuz its overwhelming. But if you only remember a few things from this talk, these are the things I want you to retain. Its important so hear me out. (READ NEW UPDATE).

Okay so those are the cliff notes and the really big things you need to remember.

So over the past year I have driven all over, but mostly up and down I5. I never knew about the war games until last year, but I’m all to familiar with the destruction of my family. My whole life I have had to overcome my family, they have been the largest obstacle in my life. And honestly they just keep becoming a larger obstacle. The more power they get in the covert war games the more of an obstacle they will become in your life too. Right now the world is kind of a shit show. We are at a place where we either give into the destruction of my family or we have to fight back with all our might.

With the way the environment, food, air, and water are currently, we experience multiple negative epigenetic triggers. This causes are children to have gene mutations multiple gene mutations. These are not fixable. So every generation is a sub human species. In 20 years and 1 more generation we won’t be able to get back what we have lost. Even now we may not be ever able to fully recover from the damage my family has done. But I would like to help you all try. I believe in trying. I believe in doing the right thing. I’m the last good person that will ever come from my family unless I breed.

See with the birthrights from my Dads family I don’t have to get married or have children, but if I don’t have children my birthrights will go back to the Kudearoffs. So this is just a moment in time of freedom for you all, if I can’t get my overt life together and quickly. I escaped living in a death camp March 2021 in Arizona. Since then my family has been blocking from getting a good job. It’s been really rough the past year. I have figured the war games because I had to. I had to figure out why everyone wanted to kill me. I have worked my way through every group of people. My family is left with a few people who profit off the war games, but mostly they are recruiting normal people to fight this war against me. So if you all could reach out to all the normal people you know and tell to knock it off because they ruining your chances of a good life. I would super appreciate it. I’m 41 so I only have so much time to get back control over my overt life. However, now I realize I have never been on control. I have lived in a Truman show in every way possible. The only reason I was able to reach you all is because I sat on the side of the interstate broadcasting with the chip in my head. It’s been a crazy life and one day I will tell you all all about it. But today let’s talk about what you can do to help me and improve your chances of holding on to the freedom I grant you. By the way you are free I don’t want to boss anyone. If I need help I will ask for it. And this is me asking for help.

1. I need you to gossip and get as many people to tune in to me as possible. The more people in the loop the better all of our chances for freedom. Gossip like your life depends on it because it does.

2. I need your help getting to the Scandinavian fancy families. At home in Oregon the fancy families are kept in small towns and are sometimes farmers. Well I think all farmers are from fancy families but not all fancy families are farmers. I don’t have the time or money to reach out to them by driving to all the small towns. I need your help getting to them. See I need to get engaged to a Scandinavian who represents Washington as much as I represent Texas. We need to unite the Republicans before the election. The more control the Democrats have the more control my family has. We need to stop my family from ever having this much control again. They don’t have good intentions, they don’t even want us to be human on a gene level. It’s scary what will happen if we don’t stop them. My life will just be a preview of how you all will live if we don’t stop them. So let’s get it done do we can have good lives and explore our potential in whatever way we desire. We all deserve better.

3. I need you all to get me into as many communication hubs as possible. I’m talking to you right now because someone helped me in Compton California last year. I don’t understand it, but here we are and I am so grateful. I also write a blog and that connects to some communication hubs when I publish it. Once again I don’t understand it, but I’m so grateful. Any way you all can help me spread the word about me figuring out my birthrights finally, being alive, being revolutionary, explaining the destruction of the systems, etc. Just get people in the loop. Withholding information is my family’s favorite weapon of destruction.

Last one can you tell me where the fancy families in Washington that are Scandinavian live? Is it on hwy 9? I’m still trying to figure everything out. But I’m doing the best I can I promise I’m going to keep trying for us all, but especially for me and my dogs. We deserve so much better than this. Just like you all.

That’s all I got for tonight. Sitting by the interstate is a lot of work with all the car fumes. Although Washington is absolutely nothing compared to California! Perspective is everything. So have a good weekend and gossip and be social. We will talk again soon.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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