Friday Night In Vellajo

You know why I walk my dogs while you all play your war games around me? Well besides them needing to move their lymphatic systems to detox, because I want you to see I am human just like you. When you partake in a war against humanity you kill a part of yourself. Also, I want you to see how calm I am. My family cult and people in general have been trying to kill me my whole life. This is just another Friday, but this time I am taking a stand because we deserve better than this.

I am sure you heard that I see people, like really see people for who they are. Thank you for the windows into your soul I appreciate your vulnerability and I really enjoyed what I saw. This Asperger’s genius is no joke, I know too much for my own good. The fact that my family cult has drugged me with hallucinagens(spelling?) for a large part of my life has given me the insight to understand what I see. So, I do have to thank them for that.

My revolutionary people, tomorrow I head into the original heartland of cult activity in San Fran. This is where my Grandma Kudearoff immigrated into the United States and where my Mom was born. I would like to think I will be welcome there, but since my Dad has been in power they will probably not be very pleased with my presence. I do not understand why people resist hope so much. I get that hope hurts, but it is part of the human experience. Humanity hurts when we live in a world like we do.

Once again I am asking for your help with my revolution. I need you to announce my presence to San Fran, La, and San Diego. I know most of them think I am dead, but here I am alive and kicking.

I do not need you all to pick my side. I just need you to opt out, like Switzerland. Turn off your phone and stop spending money. No longer allow yourself to be on call to do the dirty work of my family cult or allow them to profit off you. They want to break you and your last remaining hope when they send you to gang stalk me. My whole life they have been using me to break people. I am not new to this game, but now I realize the psychological tricks they are using on all of us.

I wish I knew what the future holds, but I don’t. I am building this revolution as we fly. But it is working. No one expected me to last a month after I escaped the death camp and they really never expected me to last 6 months. Well, here I am on day #199. No one can overtly kill me, no one can make me marry anyone, and no one can make me have kids. I am so tired of being bossed around by people who do not have my best interest in mind. I hope you all can relate to that because I am just like you all: a prisoner of war.

However, when we ban together we become more powerful than the system that aims to hold us down.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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