Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo The Irish Middle Men

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo The Irish Middle Men

The Irish are the ones in charge of the middle men. However, my Dad has taken over the leadership of this group because they were the least threatening in the war games power dynamics. So he could control them with the privilege he handed out very easily. This is why I have been surrounded by people with freckles my whole life, but I never really thought twice about it. My cousin Dylan looks so Irish and I never noticed so does my cousin Shelbi.

I was not raised to be racist. My parents couldn’t covertly explain racism to me because I would have told them that was wrong. I dont understand racism. I do understand that equality is something we have yet to achieve in this country. Even though the constitution and the civil rights movement of 1960s promises us all equal playing fields.

So my Dad has hijacked a whole group of people from their rightful leaders within the war games. Did the middle men used to have farmers? I hope they did because I would like them to have farmers again. So they have a voice and are represented in the war games power dynamics and checks and balances.

My Dad hijacking the middle men is why they have such bad epigenetics and gene mutations. He is the reason they are riddled with the gene mutation fragile X Syndrome. This should be a lesson to us all. When we see what has happened to the middle men in 40 years we see what joining a cult aimed at destruction could do to us all. It’s literal proof of why we need to protect ourselves.

The middle men have been engrained in my life and my destruction since the very beginning. And yet, they were the very last group my Dad used to create my Truman show and destroy me since I started this revolution. They are the ones who have the most to gain from joining my revolution. I literally want them to have what they have been fighting for. I want them to be seen and heard and apart of the decision making. My Dad marginalized them so they would be controllable and he could conquer them and become their false God.

So how do we convince the middle men left fighting this war for my Dad that they have more to gain by joining us than continuing to be a cult member? Well, we could say look at your genes and the effects of what following a cult leader has done not only to you, but your children and grandchildren. But they would probably take that offensively. We could say we want them to be represented in the war games power dynamics and decision making. But that would require them listening to their rightful leaders and following rules. They dont seem to like rules even though rules give us all boundaries that allow us to stay safe.

So they dont care about their genes, their children, their grandchildren, their learning disabilities, their rightful leaders, etc. What do these people care about? Now that’s my question. What do people so invested in destroying the world really care about?

Well, they like things because they have incredible c diff infections that cause autism and allow for them to connect with objects more than people. However, they are so sick they cant even take care of their things. So, they sign up to destroy everything so they can get more things. But they are so sick those things fade into junk and erode in value quicker because they cant fo the upkeep. They become hoaders but its all mostly junk because they dont take care of their things. I’m not judging I’m just following the logic and things I have seen throughout my life. I dont like to clean either. And oh boy have I ever collected stuff in my life because I just wanted human connection but it wasn’t in the cards for me.

So what if I was able to change the cards the middle men were dealt. Right now you all feel like me. You all think people are just not in the cards for you all. But what if that could change? What if that could change overnight? Would you all be willing to do the right thing for us all?

See us over here in the war games, us over here who seek to follow the rules and not be cult members, we want to include you all. We see that you all have been preyed on and treated unfairly. We see how this has effected you all down to a gene level. It will take you all generations to overcome just the genetic destruction. And on a gene level you all are in desperate need of reproducing with us. Because you all have gene mutations that will continue to exponentially get worse if you all continue to breed with each other. You all’s survival as a race depends on you all mixing with us. If you dont you all will continue to become more of my Dad’s subhuman slave race he has been creating for generations now. You all were his test subjects and the future looks grim for you all without us. You all literally wont survive in human form fir more than a generation or two. You all literally have the most to gain from joining this revolution. And my Dad knows this otherwise he would not have kept you all in the dark as long as he did.

So you know how you all become human again, down to a gene level? You join us and we accept you knowing you were just trying to make the most of a bad situation. We understand you did the best you could with the cards you were dealt. We all have done some awful things, but we don’t have to continue to do them and keep ourselves stuck. Its time to do better because you know better now.

So join us and stop being in a cult that literally wants to make you into a slave on a gene level. We want you all to be human with us. We want you all to be seen heard and represented in the war games dynamics. However, currently you all are holding us all hostage. We cant help you all if you continue to hold us hostage. No one is going to want to help you fix your gene mutations and intense epigenetic triggers of you dont stop trying to destroy us to get the upper hand. We are offering you even playing field and to be equals with us in this fight for potential on all levels. We may not agree on all things. But we all agree you all deserve better. And we want to help you get that better. The south Americans, the Scandinavians, and the koreans are all with me and behind me when I say we are waving our white flag. We want you all to join us because you deserve better. And we all apologize for not standing up for you all sooner. But everyone has just been doing the best they could with the hands they were dealt. But it’s time for us all to do better together. Now is the time. We all deserve better. But we all have to come together in peace in order to create better for everyone.

Please join us we want to help you, but we need you to help us too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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