Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Test Of Time

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Test Of Time

I got my website back up last night because I connected my domain to my new hosting myself. After being on the phone for hours yesterday and getting the run around, I realized we cannot rely on the internet at all. When we rely on things, products, and/or services it makes us weak because my Dads cult can manipulate these things and people to be weapons of destruction. Independence is the only way to freedom for all of us. So, we are going to continue to do my messages without the internet. I will post on my blog every few days but this way people know they need to find my messages through other avenues to stay up to date in a timely fashion. And maybe by next year we can just do away with my blog completely. That’s the goal. We need to be connected without any possible roadblocks created by my Dad. He made me a communication hub in my mere being. This is what we need to utilize.

So you all heard me last night and you did rely the messages worldwide. That’s so mindblowing and amazing. Thank you to everyone for being revolutionary. I appreciate each and everyone of you all.

I need to talk about me. And ramble because yesterday was really hard. Ever since we removed the people from my Dad’s cult from the war games places of power a couple days ago the poisons have gotten stronger once again. However, the caliber of people has decreased yet again. I am sure my Dad will always be able to find people looking for validation outside of themselves who are selfishly seeking privilege rather than the greater good for us all. This is the ugly side of humanity my Dad has made possible, this does not happen in nature. If someone is greedy and selfish in a natural pack animal situation, the pack isolates or kills or teaches this greedy individual a lesson. And in turn they shape up because not having a pack in the wild is the same as death. Ostracizing the people who associate with my Dad and his professional cult is the natural way to correct the dysfunctions in society he has created. I hope you all are doing your part to make this a reality that people fear enough to not take part in the shenanigans. There is a reason my Dad has isolated me my whole life. It will kill most people.

I tried to call the IRS today and the automated system once again told me that they were too busy to take my call. I got an email to schedule a phone interview for an office job through a temp agency and the link was not working correctly. My Dad is still blocking me from being a fully functioning human being in the overt world. This is not allowed and yet he has done it for a lifetime to try to get me to stop trying. I am not going to stop trying. However, I am mad and frustrated. But I’m not going to let it get to me too much because that will just stress my organs more. And no one needs to stress their organs more because the systems already aim to destroy us all enough. Being calm, patient, and tenacious are the best things for us all. Because we need to keep trying.

Who is immune from my Dad’s reach and cult? The farmers are just like me, we are a bit stuck. Even though the world will listen to us. The Koreans have even more power than the farmers and me, but I’m unsure of how my Dad has them stuck. But he must because otherwise they would have helped me by now in the overt world. I have teamed up with the most powerful people in the war games and yet it’s still not enough. The middle men leaders are getting better at getting their people to follow their rules and orders. I have to admit I was worried about this bunch because they seem to not be accustomed to following rules and orders. But they are shaping up nicely with some time.

My question is why are the Irish people signing up to destroy me still? Or is it beyond race by now and just about the people who join my Dads cult? I am sure tired of race and subgroups. However as I make more progress my Truman show changes especially on YouTube. Canada and Great Britain are big time supporters of my Dads cult. However, I hope last night we were able to get the whole story out to the world because they dont all know what they are fighting for. My Dad never tells anyone the whole truth. Everyone is kept on a need to know basis. But the thing is we all need to know the whole story. People do better when they know it’s an option on the table.

It’s been 521 days and I still dont kniw the right questions or things to say to enable you all to help with my overt world. I just need a job. Preferably a job where my Dad isn’t bossing everyone around me to destroy me. I dont think I have ever had a job like that before. And somehow even though I have a direct line of communication with the world and the most powerful leaders people are still signing up for the privilege to destroy me in the overt world without any signs of fear. My Dad has them in a trance of sorts addicted to privilege and growing their C Diff infections so his influence over them will continue to grow.

I solved lactose intolerance yesterday. Yesterday, I ate about a third of a big container of ice cream. It was butter pecan ice cream. So it even had buttermilk in it on top of cream. However, I took garlic before and a ton afterwards and I did not get diarrhea because the enzymes in the garlic helped to digest the lactose. Plus garlic kills C Diff. So my C Diff infection did not grow from eating the dairy. And garlic feeds your good bacteria and supports your kidneys, liver, and heart. So I overcame the destruction of dairy and ice cream. I’m still a little bloated and gassy, but I ate a third of a container of ice cream that was poisoned. There would be something inhumanely wrong with me if I didn’t have some effects from it. So if you are going to eat dairy just eat raw garlic before and afterwards. It will help you digest and protect you from C Diff and liver damage that dairy is designed for. Koreans I know you all have a problem with dairy just as much as me because of our fancy brains, so eat more raw garlic. Its been helping me stay alive and healthy.

It has been almost a month of me watching food videos like Mukbangs and food competitions. It’s not the best for my insulin levels but I have learned so much about mirror Neurons, gut bacteria, and the destruction that food is designed for. However, my question still is why do you all feed your C Diff infection as if you have the belief it will make you stronger? My family does this. My Mom and Brother have always eaten things that make their infections stronger while making them weaker. My whole life I have been the one in my family with the best eye sight. Because your c diff infection attacks your kidneys and your kidneys not working properly attacks your eyes. My eyesight has gotten really bad since 2017 when A1 left and real bad on this trip. But they heal if you heal your body. My eye sight has always gotten better and worse depending on my health. I never understood this before but I do now. But I still don’t understand why you all think an infection will make you stronger. Do you view your humanity as your greatest weakness? Because growing your c diff infection steals your humanity and makes your mirror Neurons react to people who choose destruction over everything. The stronger your infection the more your mirror neurons will react to everyone. Rather than being picky and only firing rapidly for healthy successful people. This is another reason malnutrition makes you more susceptible to suggestion and brain washing. Why do you want to be brainwashed? When you feed your infection, you are giving up control over your mind. And you can still eat some junk occassionally if you take raw garlic or other antifungals or natural antibiotics. So there really is no excuse other than you just don’t want to have to think for yourself. And then if you don’t want to think for yourself you can choose to listen to me and get healthier. Literally all you have to do to get healthier is lay off some of the foods that really feed c diff, but mostly all you have to do is take raw garlic a few times a day and every day. It won’t solve all your problems but it will make everything improve. Once your health improves your mind improves and then you want to do more to help your body, mind and life get better. Raw garlic is one of the most revolutionary things you can do. Just make sure it’s not the garlic grown in China that’s an act of destruction in itself. Even though they poison my garlic it still works. So just do it. Its cheap, it’s easy, and it will save your soul and lessen the disease and pain you feel.

Okay so what’s the magic solution to me getting my overt life together. My thoughts are the sooner we can get people to stop joining my Dads cult the sooner I can have a real life maybe for the first time ever. So the more you all can do to police each other the sooner we can all move forward. This needs to be a worldwide effort. You all can help save me by policing your neighbors and your coworkers and your families and extended families. Do everything you can to explain to people why they need to do better and get healthy. The healthier people are the easier it will be to free them from the mind control they have been conditioned to believe is freewill. Garlic helps with absorbing more nutrients from your food, so cook with fresh garlic and feed the nonbelievers. Eventually they will see things in a whole new light.

Remember to have your one meal a week and create a church within your own families. Church is just creating a space for God to come into your life. God is love. We all need to make room for love in our lives. Love is the opposite of destruction. We need more love.

Anyone who can help me contact the irs and use automated phone systems with more ease I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Anyone who can help me get a job I greatly appreciate. I just need to be able to financially provide for myself in the overt world. Anyone who can help with this in anyway I greatly appreciate. Thank you all for your time and for being you.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

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