Fulvic Acid: My Superhero

Over the course of my healing journey, Amazon has been my best friend. Naturally healing chronic illnesses involves quite a bit of trial and error, but it feels good to be the one making the decisions rather than putting your life in someone else’s hands. Other people will never be as invested in your own health and well being as you are.

The first time I took fulvic acid, I did not notice much of a difference. However after a week of taking it once a day, I finally felt full and like I was getting nutrients from my food. This experience was life changing.

For the past three years, I have felt like I was starving and I knew I was not getting the nutrition I needed even though I was eating clean like never really before. I tried so many different kinds of diets and ways of eating: intermittent fasting, AIP, vegetarian, raw vegan, vegan, vegan keto, healthy keto, and carnivore. But for some reason, I always felt hungry no matter which diet I was on. Before I got really sick I never really felt this way, I was rather indifferent about food and could take it or leave it.

Finally, I am experiencing the feeling of being full and I have not even finished my first bottle!

Love & Coconut Oil


“The greatest strengths stem from great weaknesses.” ~Me

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