Generational Trauma Is Predictable

My family cult has made this a choose yourself battle. But yet they get mad when I choose myself. Why? Why should I not play this game by similar rules as you all? Why do you all believe I should just comply and let you all abuse and kill me? Is it because that is what you have allowed them to do to you? You have experienced a metaphorical soul death and you want to blame it on me? Do you see how illogical this is? I know logic does not run in our family cult, but gosh wouldn’t it be a good trait to have if we want to take over the world?

Today as I was writing my last blog post, I experienced gang stalking like I never have before on this trip. Just because I know who you are, does not mean I owe you anything. Just because you chose to make a deal with my family cult that was contingent on my Brother taking my birthright, does not mean I owe you anything. There is no loyalty among thieves.

With the short list of license plates I have collected, I will be able to get everyone’s name and information. EVERYONE in my family cult is allergic to accountability and will roll as many others under the bus as necessary to escape it! Not one of you is willing to be held accountable for your war crimes just as your relatives that fled to South America to escape their own accountability.

Generational trauma is predictable.


Nicole Graves

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