Generational Trauma & Trends Moon in Taurus Sun in Gemini 5/27/22

Generational trauma is a physical thing. When we experience trauma and stress it effects our microbiome and gut bacteria. We inherit bacteria, parasites, viruses, mold, etc from our mother and grandmother. So you physically inherit the trauma of the generations before you. Your gut bacteria and microbiome directly effect your epigenetics. So the trauma your ancestors experienced effects who you are down to a gene level.

Now if you are conscious of this chain of effects you can take actions to rectify the situation, but it takes great efforts over long periods of time. Generations of trauma are not easy to overcome. However anything worth doing is normally challenging.

We all are where we are today because of world war 2. We all have different perspectives about what happened and that effects our microbiome, gut bacteria, and epigenetics. Taking responsibility for the actions of those that came before you is hard, because we want to believe we come from good people. However, even good people make mistakes and do wrong. Being human is not something that makes us less deserving of love.

We are here in this moment because my ancestors were really awful power hungry people who saw their superiority as a reason for other groups of people to have less in life in all ways. In order for my family to feel whole and special they needed other people to be less than and have less. My family needed to punish people for not being like them, just as they do today. My family has not changed. They have repeatedly showed us who they are.

However the Scandinavians aka the lower ranking officers saw what my family was doing was wrong. They carried out the orders given to them knowing they were committing crimes against humanity. In their heart of hearts they knew better. This is the difference between Scandinavians and South Americans. This is also the difference between covert narcissists and sociopaths. Their actions were very similar but their biology is very different. Who do you think was more traumatized from the experience of world war 2? The people we ho knew of their war crimes or the people who viewed themselves as superior and deserving of creating pain and destruction to any degree they desire in others?

We are in this very moment right here and now because the Scandinavians did not stand up for humanity and what is right. And they lost everything for it. It took generations to rebuild in the physical world. Perhaps never fully recovering because the generational trauma is still there haunting them in their biology. Its hiding because they don’t want to acknowledge the truth of the situation fully because it shows a lesser than side to themselves.

Well, right in this moment, here we are again where my family who views themselves as worthy and deserving of doing whatever they want to people have taken it too far. This time they are putting their victims in concentration camps because the world has become their victims. And this time there is no where to run. My family has influence and control over most of the world there is no location to run away to. However even if you were to run your body would follow you. This time my family has made your body the warzone and soon to be your own personal concentration camp. You can’t escape your Gene’s and epigenetics they go with you wherever you go. You even have passed them onto your children.

There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. Either you stand up for what is right. Or you die a slow painful death in your body that has been designed to be your own personal concentration camp.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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