Have you spoken with your Children?

Once again my brothers army is the one let fighting against me….

It’s mostly my brothers army that is still fighting this war against me and gang stalking me. Males age 18-31.

Have you all spoken to your children about what’s going on and severity of the situation at hand? Please do so now so I can enjoy the rest of my evening and day off with just the poison from the air traffic.

Have you told your children they are a sub human species and you are sorry because you did not know what you were doing? It’s a hard one to apologize for but humanity is the first step because without humanity it’s really hard to admit there is a problem.

One story and then I’m back to my silence. Last year somewhere in mid California. A girl was gang stalking me in a planet fitness bathroom. I asked her what it felt like to have a dysfunctional brain and if she felt it? I couldn’t help myself I really wanted to know the answer. I wasnt really trying to be to mean it was my asperger’s getting the best of me. She was shocked not only that talked but at my question. Her answer was I don’t know.

See the younger generations we all knew there was something wrong with them because we have never been able to relate or connect with them easily. However, they don’t know any different. Having a dysfunctional brain is all they know. Their gene mutations and epigenetic triggers that lead to and lean towards dyslexia make them my families super soldiers that they have always wanted.

See dyslexia means you are creative brain based. So instead of thinking about the logic of the situation at hand, when they are given an order they simply think about how to carry it out. Never in their brain does the question why come out. But rather only how. They were bred to be the soldiers that take orders without ever asking questions about why. They blindly take orders because that is how their minds work. They don’t know any different.

However we know different so we need to teach them better. Please talk to your children immediately and explain to them how they need to overcome their default setting.

Thank you and love always

Nicole D Graves