Heard Mentality Is Human

Heard mentality is something that needs to be taken into account. This is something that has been used against us all of our lives. We are expected to follow suit. It even worked on me the other day when I was getting water out of one of those machines in front of a grocery store. I did not think twice and used the machine that the lady in front of me used and poisoned instead of using the other ones. We follow suit it is human nature and our humanity is often used against us.

Well, this time our humanity is going to work for us. See heard mentality does not work for me because I have never been apart of the heard. I have always been isolated and separated. I have never gotten to be one of you all. It is what it is, but it makes it hard to lead a revolution when I am an outsider looking in. This is where you all have the upper hand. You all who are thinking about being revolutionary who are involved in unions have the upper hand. Humanity is on your side. It is human nature for people to follow. And this is especially true when people are kept small and manageable in their reptilian brains. It is a lot of work to think for ones self, it is way easier to just follow another. Think about how many times you have used this logic. It is human nature. It is how our humanity has been used against us. It is how the systems use our humanity against us. It is why they offer you privilege to go out and about doing things that seem ordinary, but really are destruction. Like all the people who go to the store around me buying things that they want me to buy. Have they thought about the destruction that they are incurring themselves? Would the systems want them to buy something that made them stronger or healthier? No, probably not because then they may think for themselves. We are a society full of people who do not want to think for themselves.

Allow this to motivate you, not to depress you. See, it will only take a handful of you all who are involved in the unions to create great change. People have been conditioned and brainwashed to follow. It is human nature, but the systems have used this as a tool for destruction. Allow yourself to find comfort in the idea that it only takes one to create great change. Look at me, I am not part of the heard, but I am still just one person. However, I am one person who has created great change this year. You too can create great change and create an even larger ripple effect.

Be the change you want to see and others will follow suit.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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