Hilter’s Eyebrows

I have the same cold stare.

What do you do when you realize you have Hitler’s eyebrows? Well, you go get your eyebrows done. I have been throwing around an idea about my Dad being a decent of Nazis since my first trip to Oregon this year when I was running from bikers, communists, and military in April. However, I never imagined that my great grandfather was freaking Hitler. This explains why my Grandfather Graves lived in Argentina and was rarely able to visit me as a child. Plus, why my Dad spent time growing up in Argentina. And why my Dad killed his Dad when we went to visit him in Texas when I was 8. And this also explains why I was tortured like my Dad as a child, but my Mom was not tortured in the same ways. It also explains why my Dad has had two wives that have died since he divorced my Mom. And why they have sent so many white/German/descendents of Nazis after me to get me to have a baby out of wedlock.

The Graves side of my family runs thin. They did not have extra kids like my Mom’s side of the family. This is why I am still alive and why they wanted me to breed so badly. This is also why my cousin Scott in Texas who was super close to me in age got cancer in his early 20s. This is also why the people in Texas were so angry at me. Thank you to the guy who flipped me off in Texas when I stopped to get gas on my way to Houston. It took me awhile to understand his energy dynamics, but here we are putting the pieces together.

So what do you do after you realize your relative started a World War? Well, I think it is time to make people choose sides. I have spent my whole life dealing with people motivated by my birthright. I did not seek these people out, they sought me out and got themselves involved in my life. Any of them could have told me the truth, but no they tried to use and take advantage of me. So now is time for me to use these people to push me forward in life just as they tried to use me.

Either you are with me or against me. If you aren’t with me there is no reason for me to help you hide your sins/involvement with my family cult. Thank you to Tony Robbins who helped me put the pieces together when he covertly gave me messages earlier this year. He is a descendent of the Nazi’s from Argentina just like my Dad, shoot and me. Just as his nephew who reached out and found me when I started a Facebook account.

I may not know all the rules, but I sure am putting the backstory together. Thanks Dad for letting me have the Holocaust as a special interest as a middle school kid. And thanks for being the most covert out of all the family, it has allowed me to not be emotionally attached to really anyone. Sure I care if my Mom dies, but why are you all not trying to kill my brother? He is 30 and still has not chosen to breed. Isn’t this a sin that is punishable by death in our family or are you just waiting for him to mess up and get emotionally attached to having sex with a certain woman? People in my family do not love. They only get attached to others who improve their quality of life like I have admitted to. The others just lie and pretend to have feelings. You all are just pawns in this sick game.

This is why the red heads look at me with such guilt, huh? They are descendents of Nazis just like me, but just not quite as evil. You know if I did believe in being a serial killer you all would be in a world of hurt. Maybe you all should count your blessings. Someone like me being born into my family is proof Karma exists. The world deserves so much better than this.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

P.S. This expalins Kipp Kinkle(the Thurston High School Shooter) with his red hair and serial killer ways. I wonder if his parents are related to my Dad? I bet Kipp is just as involved in this mess as me. Reactive abuse is how the Nazis do damage control. Kipp was a second child like me.

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