Hispanic South Americans Part 2

I just realized you all are the ones who control Mexico. This is why so many of the people there in the cities have lighter skin and are healthier. They know about the Hispanic genocide so they avoid eating as much of the Americanized Mexican foods. How does it make you all feel that your people are being singled out the most for covert genocide? I know it has made me extremely angry because I grew up eating a ton of Mexican food. Shoot, it has driven me to keep going with this revolution. When I was in Santa Fe I figured out the covert genocide part and I realized that not all the Hispanic people knew. But you all have known, huh? Is that hard to know about something that you feel powerless to stop? It has to be the roots to your learned helplessness, because it would make anyone feel helpless.

Who is in charge in Mexico? You know I would love to team up with you all and help change things. With a birthright like mine, I am worth a gamble on. We do not have to destroy everyone in attempt to get even for how we have been destroyed. We can just stop the destruction and move forward to a better life, not only for us but for the future generations.

Judging by the graves I saw in Santa Fe over the summer and the health statistics, you all live short lives and have painful deaths. We should do something about this. I understand what it is like to never feel good physically because that was how I was raised by design. But since healing my autoimmune disease and cancer I have learned so much about how life is not supposed to hurt. We could change the world you know. Do the people in charge of Mexico know I am alive and being revolutionary? Maybe you could put in a good word for me down there because we all deserve better.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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