Hispanic South Americans Part 3

Looking back things make so much sense now about everything. I never was exposed to many Black, South American, or Hispanic people growing up. I was raised with Communists, Aryans, and Scandinavians. However, after experiencing Southern California and knowing all I know about the world and the war games, I see things so much differently.

Hispanic South Americans, you all believe in tradition and potential. You all are Republican. However, these things are used against you. Remember the early 1980’s when people were happy and had enough, this is what you all have been striving to get back to ever since my Dad took over. See my Brother and his generation do not remember or know what it was like before the world went dark and became Democratic. If he takes over, Republican ways will be a thing of the past for the rest of time. That scares me and I have never been allowed any kind of potential, so I can only imagine how much that would scare some of you all who have experienced potential.

I dated one Hispanic South American while I was in Oregon. Marty was a really good guy and treated me well. He sought me out because of what I represent, but he did get to know who I am and let me be me. If I had been able to have traditional and it would not have destroyed me, I would have chosen him. But see my family was just waiting for me to breed so they could kill me, so traditional would have been the end of me. I never knew this overtly, but somehow I knew traditional would be the end of me.

This is what my family cult does to you all too. They get you to eat traditional foods and those destroy your health. They get you to seek out traditional relationships and the systems involved in the traditions destroy you. They get you to seek out potential, but it is a hampster wheel where you all are always left seeking and never feel safe in a position of power over your own potential. My family cult takes your desires and uses them against you because it is a way to keep you small and manageable.

Traditions and desires are not something you should have to fight for or be destroy by. They are something you should be able to enjoy. With my Dad and Brothers systems you all are never going to be able to obtain what you value.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Marty, I am ready for tradition now if there is a way we can make that happen. Everything is a long shot, but just know I appreciate and love you. Thank you for being you and being good to me.

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