Hispanic South Americans

One of my best friends from middle school was Hispanic South American. She was implanted into mine and my other best friend’s lives to torture us because we were kept in the dark about the war games. You all have to prove you are not worthless like the other Hispanic people, so you destroy people the hardest. I get it logically, you want to live up to your South American roots and be a good Nazi. But has it gotten you anywhere? Is being good at destruction rewarding? Are the little bits of privilege my family cult hands out to you all sparingly worth it? You know even if you are better at destruction than the Aryans you will never be able to earn their kind of privilege.

The plain South Americans have joined my revolution because they understand that we deserve more than little bits of privilege handed out here and there to keep us manageable. You all will never be able to earn what so many people were born into. Doesn’t that make you angry? Isn’t that why you try to prove your worth with destruction? Don’t you want an even playing field too? Doesn’t being born less than motivate you to want more for your children? Because you know the war games will make you breed and your children will be treated as less than just like you have been just merely based on their Hispanic roots. That has to be a rock and a hard spot that you want to get out from, right?

You understand you are not less than just because you are Hispanic, right? Have you started believing what my family cult tries to sell you? Have you bought into being a second class citizen because of your heritage? See I am not even what my Dad considers to be the ideal race. He could have chosen to have children with an Aryan lady, but he doesn’t even follow his own rules. So here you all and me stand forever being looked down upon because of our heritage if the old system continues.

Dare to dream with me and have hope for a better life, because you know we all deserve it. No one deserves to be a second class citizen just because of who they were born to. No one deserves to have to prove their worth and value with acts of destruction. It is time for this cycle of inequality to end. Let’s be revolutionary and demand what we deserve, which is just even playing ground.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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