Hitler Lived In Commanche, Texas

If I follow the bone structure I am lead back to my Great Grandpa Bennit, my Dad’s Mom’s Father. He was a Farmer in Texas who helped me aquire my love of small dogs. A man of few words who ate bacon and eggs every morning. A small Farmer who raised homing pigeons. Never would I have guessed he could have started a World War.

Everyone has lied my whole life and dear lord does that make me angry. Can you imagine enduring the greatest evil as family? I had surgery on my head when I was 8 in true Holocaust fashion as punishment to make me more manageable and here I am my Dad’s worst nightmare. He had not taken over when I was younger. That happened around when I was 8 as well. Now I understand why my Mom’s health got bad around that time period.

The men in my family are not smart like not book smart. Sure they can build things, but they have problems reading and doing math. My Dad stopped helping me with homework in the second grade and told my Mom to do it. Why do this to people who are supposed to run the dark side? And why make the women super smart and then punish them for it?

I am pretty angry and the pieces are still falling into place. But now I understand why you all have such a large cortisol response to me. Guess I never could have imagined just how serious my family is about their serial killer ways.

So what’s with the people with red hair? That’s what is still intriguing me. Are they from when Hitler invaded Norway and Denmark? My best friend growing up was Norwegian. There are a lot of descendents of Nazis here in Oregon, way more than in many places I have been. This was supposed to be a Mecca of some sort. What were they planning here? Because we can safely assume they have not stopped, but merely have been delayed.

My Dad has recently been sick. I wonder if it takes his death for his reign to be over. My Brother is already starting to experience the built in self destruct button of his gut bacteria. The thing is the people in my family are not disciplined enough to overcome their gut bacteria. They do not know how to heal, only how to destroy and in the process they are destroying themselves.

So what happens now?


Nicole D Graves

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