Hope Everyday At 4pm Western

Today, I connected with our ancestors at the Ashland Cemetery. It was the most beautiful peaceful experience I have had since I started this journey. If you have ancestors from Ashland, they are at peace. Except for a group of babies/children who were killed around 1958(Coincidence: My Mom was born in 1957 in San Fran). There must have been a Dr like Dr Johnson(my childhood Dr) from Springfield, Oregon during that time in Ashland, Oregon.

My blog posts do not go onto the home page of my blog as quickly as they “should”. So everyday we are going to have hope at 4pm(west coast time). No need to show anything on the outside, just feel the hope and know you are not alone. And on the days when I am able to, I will post on my twitter(@now_nizi) and/or here where I will be meditating at and if you are able to join me I would love the company. However, as long as you are with me energetically, that is all that really matters.

I felt you today, thank you for being you.



P.S. When you see me in person: instead of looking at me with wonder, look at me with the answers and/or the rules. The more I know the quicker we can get this over with.

How do I get an email to actually get to someone who is not associated with the union?

How am I going to make money? You all know they have always controlled me(and you too probably) by not allowing me to make the money I deserve.

What are the rules to social media? How do I get my blog to the right people? How much are you allowed to do? Can you follow me on Twitter(@now_nizi)? IG(@nicole_sells_it)?

Where is safe to get my oil changed in my jeep?

I do not want to sound like an asshole, but the gas has been bad today and my liver hurts with anger. You don’t get a savior without doing something to deserve it. So do something to deserve it!

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