How Can YOU Help Me?

How can you help me? You can join my revolution and be revolutionary with me. No one person can save me, but a group of revolutionary people can. My Mom always told me there is safety in numbers, it must be a cult motto.

Subscribe to my You Tube channel and start learning about autism, narcissism, narcissistic abuse, complex post traumatic stress disorder(cptsd), and start detoxing your body of heavy metals while supporting your liver. Awareness is the first step to solving any problem.

Also, please reach out to anyone you can that you think can help me. My access to the outside world is limited more and more as time goes on and it was extremely minimal to start with. The more people who are aware of the battle I am fighting, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them, the better. Write, email, call, tweet, direct message politicians, reporters, people who have escaped our/my cult, etc. Cause as much of a fuss as you can while establishing your freewill to be a healthy sovereign human being in a safe manner. There is safety in numbers.

I look forward to the Utopian society/retreat we one day will have where we will soothe our nervous systems and heal our Autism so it is the strength it can be. Thank you my revolutionary people. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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