How I Cured Cancer-The How To Guide

Once again, I do not know what I said last night, but it changed the world. And it sure made my family mad last night and act out with their poisoning gang stalkers. I wonder if they see the error in their ways about not explaining the rules to me now. If I don’t know the rules, I am bound to break them and find holes in their logic while trying to figure them out. This is nothing new though I started poking holes in their logic at four. So, this is probably why they did not tell me about the war games. The war games are not logical.

I figure since I have the time and you all seem to be interested in what I have to say about health, let’s talk about how I healed cancer. I want to teach you that your body is nothing to fear. It is a vessel for your soul that you have a divine connection with. There is no reason you should not be in control of your body. As long as you care for it, it will care for you. Even if you have spent most of your life abusing and destroying it, you can change and it will too. Your body follows your lead. It is kind of like having a dog. You can be the master and be bossy or you can co-create together. Just depends on the type of person you are. But it is guaranteed to be a worthwhile relationship as long as you invest in it.

I have never written everything out that I did to cure my cancer before. So be patient with me because it took years because I consumed information and just tried everything I could. However, there is a ton of misinformation out there that aims to confuse you and complicate things. Just know I am in no way skewing my information to enslave you to anything. I want you to be free and be healthy. Also, note that you do not have to wait to have cancer to do most of these things and improve your health. Health is a lifelong journey and is something that can always be worked on. And health is easier to work on when you are not sick.

I am going to break healing down into these categories. Some things will overlap and fit into more than one category, but you are a holistic creature and cannot just address one side of yourself and expect miracles. The body part was the easiest because it is logical and almost black and white. However, getting right with myself in my heart, soul, and mind was the hardest and yet most rewarding part.

  • Body
  • Lifestyle
  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Soul

You do not have to do all the things I did, but I just want you to know what I tried that seemed to work and help me feel better. I spent most of my life being destroyed so that I would never know what good health felt like, so I can relate to most illnesses. However, always remember health is about progress not perfection. You got to give yourself time and be patient. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight.