How I Found Healing: The Carnivore Diet

Food has always been my enemy and yet something I crave at the same time. As a child, I was overweight, but I was starving. I remember asking my Grandma in Texas for real food when I visited her and she looked at me with great concern and questioned me. She knew something wasn’t right, but did nothing just as everyone else.

Throughout my life I have tried almost every kind of diet there is. I was vegetarian/vegan for almost 20 years. Now I understand this worked the best because it limited the amount of food I could eat when around others. Never in my life would I have thought that people were poisoning my food. Well, at least not until I lived in Sierra Vista in the death/work camp. I did not want to believe what was happening and everyone gaslighted me about everything I spoke the truth on there, but I did not let that stop me from adapting for survival.

I never had clean meat until this trip/run for my life/adventure when I found Garberville, California. It is a lot like Santa Fe in the sense that the people there did not have a cortisol response to seeing me at first and they had clean air and food and it is in the mountains. I was amazed. I didn’t know this was possible or existed. What a realization to find out I had been missing out on so much of the basics in life.

Long story short, the biochemical warfare in packaged food, fruits, and vegatables are what keeps you small and in a fear response with your hormones all over the place. The chemical that gets to me the most and makes me have autoimmune reactions, attacks my gut bacteria, and makes me feel anxious and crazy is the one they put in chips. This is why the carnivore diet has helped me heal cancer and many other health issues. There is still poison in the meats, but not as much. Even eating meats that were highly poisoned I healed. This just shows you how amazing our bodies are. Our bodies are literally designed for survival and optimal health.

If you are eating the Standard American Diet currently, please stop. Eating all day long and eating carbs all day long is literally killing you slowly and allowing my family cult, the Kudearoffs, to torture you greatly in so many ways you do not even realize until you heal. Before I started this trip/journey, I thought everyone deserved to heal. Well, now I have come to the conclusion only the strongest will survive and those are the people who will help themselves.

Start fasting and eating more meat!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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