How Narcissists Use Energetic Cords-Spiritual Warfare

When I first started my recovery process from narcissistic abuse, I could not figure out why I felt like some people were punching me in my solar plexus(stomach). Even talking to some people on the internet made me have this uncomfortable feeling. This was something I had to figure out if I was going to survive, let alone recover.

“Cords are energetic connections that form between two people. Sometimes these cords are formed from love and cause no harm but sometimes cords are formed through fear, anger, manipulation and other negative means. You are creating cords all the time as you interact with others.”

After learning about energetic cords, I realized this was what I was feeling. We have all heard that cluster b personality disordered individuals do not have a connection to source energy. Well, this is how that disconnect plays out in everyday life. Since narcissists do not have a connection to source energy, they put energetic cords into everyone they encounter to get their narcissistic supply. This is how they drain others of life force energy and survive.

“…narcissistic action really being an “unconscious” behavior. The perpetrator is not normally aware of how his actions are affecting others. On the contrary, the perpetrator often feels he is the one being victimized. Narcissistic people are frequently energy vampires.”

Energetic vampires are literally stealing your energy and this is why some people make you feel drained after an interaction. Narcissists are energetically drowning. Just as a drowning person will push others underwater to gasp for air, narcissists drain others energy because it is their oxygen. With no connection to source energy they use others as a way to get their fix and basic human needs met. They do not see this tactic as wrong because it is all they know.

After realizing how energy vampires operate, we are more prepared to deal with them in our everyday lives. How do you protect yourself from these energetic cords and energy vampires? Have you felt these energetic cords being inserted and draining your energy? Do you feel drained after interacting with some people? How do energetic cords effect children who are/were raised by narcissists?


Protecting Your Energy from Cords and Hooks

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