How To Heal Cancer #1 Worm Pills

We all have parasites, bacteria, and viruses that contribute to the load on our immune system. When you have cancer your immune system is overwhelmed. So, anything you can do to lower the load on your immune system will help your body fight off cancer.

Worm pills have been found to kill cancer in recent years. It is not something that is admitted by the medical industry yet(who would choose traditional treatment that could bankrupt them over treatment that is cost effective?). However, there are many testimonies on the internet of people who have tried traditional treatment and it did not work, but they tried worm pills and it did work. I encourage you to research this on your own, because hearing other people’s stories is moving. Having cancer makes you feel all alone, because it is your life on the line and only your life. Listening to how other people overcame this disease makes you feel not so alone and gives you hope.

I used to go over the border to Mexican pharmacies to get my worm pills. It was close and I would just walk over and get a few every week or so. They did give me a hard time about trying to bring back more than 20 boxes, so I just made it a weekly thing. If you are going to make a trip of it from further away, I would suggest driving over the border to a larger city. In the larger cities, they do not ask as many questions as they do in the small towns.

Also, there are herbal worm pills you can get online sent to you. Hulda Clark’s is one I took and really enjoyed because it helped me make great progress when I was still learning. It cost somewhere between $50-100. But look online for video reviews and experiences because sometimes you can find discount codes. Her herbal blends were the best and easy to replicate once you figure out what works for you. I suggest making your own herbal mixes after you find out what works for you the best. Making your own capsules is going to save you a lot of money in the long run. This is how I was able to afford treatment.

Another option is animal deworming pills. This is not something I tried, but I watched videos on it. If I had not been close to the border I would have went down this route. However, when you are healing you do need to treat everyone in your family for parasites and your animals as well. The whole time I was taking worm pills so were my dogs. The people and animals who are around you help make up your microbiome, so you need to clean up everyone.

Pin worms are super common in children. When I learned about parasites this was the first place I started. Want to know where you can start and just order something off Amazon or go the store and buy? Well, pin worms is a great starting place. If you have a child that wets the bed, pin worms could be why. Grade school kids or any kids who go to school should be treated a couple times a year in my opinion. I took a one time treatment called Reese’s Pinworm Medicine that worked great.

Parasite cleansing is something that I have never really stopped doing since I learned about it. I think it is good to always be incorporating some kind of detox into my daily life. With everything in the world the way it is now, there is no reason not to support your immune system by lowering the load it has to carry. Cleansing gets easier over time, it is a bit of a rocky start sometimes because you have to find your sweet spot and that spot changes with time. But it is incredibly worth it. You will start waking up with more energy and feeling better within one cleanse.

Health is true happiness.

Love Always

Nicole Graves