Hurt, But Never Broken

If my family had the ability to break me, it would have happened a long, long time ago. This is why I illicit great fear and anger in them. I will not allow them to change me too much. Sure, I get a bit more jaded, but I heal and they will never own my state of mind. I will always be me, because I am who I am. People cannot steal your soul unless you allow them to. Your soul is a gift from God, never forget that.

Living with the enemy is within my comfort zone. I just have to make my own way to independent personal success to really escape this time forever. Sure, I could get emotional and storm off, but emotionally reactive behavior gets me nowhere I wish to go. Have you ever tried to escape a situation/circumstance that keeps drawing you back in and seems impossible to shake?

I should have listened when A1 tried to get me to change my name, but he wanted to own me so it was hard to trust him. Is it even possible to escape your birthright? In my family, it isn’t. Why are so many people jealous of something that I do not even really want or desire? This is why people despise me, huh? I have what they will never have access to, but yet I reject it every chance I get.

Many people have tried to enslave me, but why has no one ever really tried to be loving and honest? I am a pretty logical person. If someone would have said this is why your family fears you coming into your power and you will never be able to escape your birthright, but this is how we can make the most of it. I would have come to terms with the situation I call a family with time. It is because everyone fears my family because they have seen what they are capable of, huh?

Do not loose the hope I saw in your eyes. I have not given up and never will, I am not designed to. This is merely a moment of rest and regrouping. I have not forgotten my desire to meet you all one day very soon. Our ancestors remain calmer than they have ever been and I know this means something beyond my comprehension.

Have faith for us all, because you know I always do.



People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense.” ~Ken Keesy

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