I Am Just A Normal Person

I saw normal people again today. It has been awhile. I forget normal people exist. Sounds funny I know, but I have been surrounded by SS soldiers my whole life. They were my prison guards making sure I did not get access to anything or any information that would make me desire for better treatment or a better life. However, as time went on and technology advanced, it got harder and harder for my family cult to deny the possibility of the existence of a better life.

Today was reassuring. I have been used as a training tool my whole life. The people who were enslaved and/or in training or who have phased out today were being just as punished as I was. They were being punished for their hope. And by sending them to gang stalk me they were killing their hope. My family cult has used me to break people my whole life. I just understand what is happening now.

The other day in one of my videos I said I just want to be around normal people. Well, they gave me a little preview of my wish. Can I just tell you all that your epigenetics are so much better! There is more hope for you then there will ever be for the SS soldiers and the fancy families. I hope you realize this. You are not less than, you have so much more.

I dream of being a normal person and probably some of you dream of having as much power as I will soon walk into. Life is funny like that. We always want what we don’t have. The grass looks greener on the other side. But you know what I am sure looking forward to the other side.

I want a partner in life who has never had to take part in the war games. Or at least not as a family tradition. Maybe that is naive of me to wish for, but I just want to be with someone else like me. All the people I know from the past have enjoyed my pain in one way or another. I should not have to thank people for not killing or harming me, but in my family cult I do because it is the exception to the rule. Sure some of these people will be valuable to help me with reforming the system of my family cult, but can I ever really be really close to someone who was around me because of what I represent rather than who I actually am? See the double edged sword of my birthright. I will forever be surrounded by people who like what I represent rather than who I am. Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by people and totally alone?

This is why saying no to people is easy. No one is interested in my favorite books or my most far fetched dreams other than for using them against me or manipulation. This is why I like phone work so much. No one knows who I am and this has allowed me to see a little bit of the other side. And what it would be like to just be a normal person. Can I tell you all, you are so lucky. I have adapted to the way my world is and how the people are in it. It is not as hard as it was when I was younger.

Reality is relative. Remember we all are blessed in our own ways!


Nicole Graves

License Plates while I was writing this post at Valley River Mall: Oregon 831 GAN, 394 KTU, Blue Oregon plate PETS, 693 MNU, u of o plate #05929, 097 MMF, 638 JEN, 160 LUD, 552 JRT, 262 JXG, 978 KNQ, 316 LSB, 546 HAX,

I would apologize to you people, but no one has ever apologized for picking themselves over me.

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