I Can Heal Autism

Autism is not a disability, it is just a different way of operating. Being sensitive like we are is a gift, but it can be a hinderance when we are overloaded with toxins and sensory information. I did not know what was wrong with me when I started studying health, but I knew my anxiety was something that could be corrected and was the root of pretty much all my dis-ease.

I cannot claim to cure anything, but I can heal.



P.S. To all the people who have met me in person and paid the price for not destroying me, please order some of these off Amazon(even when they poison them they still work). Taking 1-3 grams a day for a few months/years will change your brain and life. Especially, if you have teeth problems. This is the lead poisoning effecting your gut bacteria. Which is supposed to produce k2, which allows you to actually absorb calcium into your teeth and bones. So if your teeth are bad your bones are next. Saurkraut(I suck at spelling but you get what I mean) is super easy to make at home and helps restore your gut bacteria so you can produce K2. Also supplement k2 until you get your gut in check.

Bonus: add tumeric and other healing spices to your saurkraut.

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