I Come In Peace

I can tell when people are dead inside and when they are just doing what they need to do to survive. I understand the smoke bombs and poison will not stop completely/right away. I am just asking for you all not to put your whole heart into it and/or to volunteer to make my life more difficult. My whole life I have been poisoned this is nothing new. Now, I just know what is on the line for us all.

I do not know how I am from my family, but not like them. Oh wait, I do. I grew up in a false reality with rules, morals, right & wrong, and loved reading books, where they did not. I know I look like them, but please remember I am not them. It will take some time before you all stop with the cortisol response when you see me and that is completely understandable, but just remember I love love. I do not love certain people, but all of humanity as a whole. In the reality I grew up in, we are all equal. I know crazy, right? But without all the covert rules, that is how it was designed to be.

I do not aim to make you uncomfortable with my presence, but sometimes growth comes with growing pains. Information changes people. This is why you come out of the grocery stores different than you went in. The sooner I can get all of you to go into the store and come out informed, the sooner we all will be to collective freedom. My family cult will continue to send you all to the store when I am in the parking lot. And Wah Lah! You will go into the store and get your information update. They are doing the work for me. So just be you and do what you normally do.

Growth can be revolutionary.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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