I Keep Going

Today was a rough day. Not only is the moon in Cancer, but I felt people’s coldness and feelings of indifference when I made calls. However, I need to remember you all did not sign up for this revolution, just as I did not. I just wanted to escape the death/work camp in Sierra Vista, never did I think I would have to right the wrongs of my family. Shoot, I did not even know and still don’t know all the wrongs of my family. I just thought people were evil and lacking in humanity because they enjoyed it. Which I still believe some people do, but I understand that is just their brains being dysfunctional. Which is also something my family enjoys doing to people so they are easier to control.

What a mess and what a bunch of realizations. I honestly do not know how I have not had a complete breakdown, but here we are. I will keep making calls to real estate brokers because I only need one yes. Please gossip as much as possible so I can get to that yes as quickly as possible. Ordinary people are often the heros in stories of great injustices. Look at the people in WWII who smuggled Jewish children to different countries to be raised by families that were not being prosecuted or the underground railroad here in the United States. Everyday ordinary people are the revolutionary ones.

I apologize for being bossy and asking so much of you all, but I hope you see the reasons why I do so. I do not have children, but I see your children and I want more for them. If I have to have a child to make this happen in the big picture I will. But I just want better for everyone and I hope you know this.

Also, I know you all are not used to this kind of chemical warfare. So I would like to make a few suggestions, because health, healing, and survival are kind of my things. Eat fewer carbs(especially sugar), eat more saturated fats, cut out gluten and commercial dairy, move your body and your lymphatic system daily, stop buying the poisoned food from the grocery stores here you all can go out of town to get groceries(stop shopping at the discount grocery store), feed your children binders everyday to help the chemicals and heavy metals from residing in their organs and bones(ex spirulina, diatomaceous earth food grade, activated charcoal, chorella, aloe), and remember love is the most powerful energy in life.

Love you all

Nicole Graves

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