I See You Ashland With Hope In Your Eyes

Ashland Cemetery next to Safeway

I don’t know what I wrote either last night or this morning, but something changed everything. Grocery store union women are how I gauge the evil collective, there is nothing special about them other than their need to destroy and they do not understand that makes them average at best. When you have to destroy others to feel alive that leaves a lot of room for error and death.

Thus, these are the women who will pay the most and loose Everything. How dare I attempt to make them accountable for their decisions and actions! These people have made me uncomfortable and sick for a lifetime so it is nice to know I am able to get under their skin. What is fair is fair, right Mom?

This afternoon is going to change everything. I am not quite sure how, but shoot if we were waiting for me to have the whole story, we would be waiting forever. We build as we fly!

I am not asking anyone to endanger themselves or their families, but I am extending an invitation to others like me who have reached their breaking point. I have noticed you around me, but I do not know how to connect with you without getting you in trouble. I have tried for so many years to be genuine and people always have brushed it off. Well, now I understand why, so I will keep being kind until it works because the dark side is just not for me.

Come meditate with me at Ashland Cemetary this afternoon for our moment of hope. This is where everything changes in us and in the world because it is hard to ignore a feeling when you know you are not alone in it.



P.S. To the lady with the rescue dog at the rest stop this morning. You are good person use the hope I inserted into your energy for something amazing. You have greatness in you. Thank you.

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