I’m Being Held Hostage & You All Are Being Held Hostage…

Sometimes I forget I am not holding you all hostage, my parents are. They like to blameshift and I am sure they are telling you I am your problem. Well, here is the thing, if we all are being held hostage why do we not get together, share information, and figure out how to turn the tables and hold them hostage? I have a shit ton of truths and information about them, but I do not know what pieces are the important parts. It took me 6 months to find some of the good bits because they have normalized all their crimes to me.

I have no desire to make anyone, but my family pay for their war crimes. I understand how they work and that you all were just doing what you have to do to survive. Because I am doing the same thing. If I would not have started overtly talking about everything publically they would have killed me by now. And if you were anything but covert, they would have killed you.

Now is the time to steal me from my parents. People have tried to do this so many times, but this is the time that counts for us all! I just have to survive till my Dad dies, which I can do while living in my car with my dogs if I have to. However, I do enjoy having a little higher quality of life. Anyone out there willing to be brave? I just need somewhere to park, and maybe some heat and wifi.

Let’s finish this revolution I have started so we can rebuild and start over!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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