Influence Of New Mexico Military

You all have more power than you realize! This is the least my family cult has tried to destroy me in a really long time. It is like when my Mom used to take me out in public as a child and pretend to treat me humanely. How do you do it? No one has been able to make my Mom/family behave since my Grandma Kudearoff died/was murdered.

The other branches of the military did not know I was alive, huh? None of you all knew your children who are like me could live “normal” lives, huh? You all did not realize what was stolen from you all. And you all are all over the world. My Mom/family controls the Army with a very tight grip, but you all are more willing participants than any of the other groups they have control over.

I have been looking for someone with your kind of power my whole life. I hope you are just as pleasantly surprised by meeting me.


Nicole Graves

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