Is My Best Friend From Grade School Still Alive?

Is my best friend from grade school still alive? She was like me, but more artsy. Her coming down with seizures right after her Grandfather died was not a coincidence, huh? I always liked her Mom, but now I see they were all just to meant to minimize my pain and partake in breaking me. However, now I see just how far they will go. Whatever happened to their middle child? She was a really nice girl who was constantly swimming upstream and did not know about this crazy stuff until going away to college. When she came home after being away the way she looked at me and Amanda was completely different, fear based.

Well Eugene, I came back from the dead again. You would think I would be used to this by now, but it is still just as shocking for me. Withholding information drives me nuts and yet it is my family cult’s favorite way to control a situation. What do you all think about the fact that I am still alive? It says a lot, huh? Are you questioning things now?


Nicole Graves

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