It’s Not About God, It’s About You

You know why people who have faced death are better people? They understand when they die it is only them that judges themselves. You have to face God, but it is the God within yourself. We all have a God within ourselves. We all know right and wrong, no matter how much we have been conditioned. Because at one point in time we were all that person/child who was telling themselves, “This is wrong.”

This is why people in the war games fear death. They know that facing themselves will be the scariest thing they have ever encountered. And it is. When I faced death I had to make peace with myself and my skeletons and it was the most painful thing I have ever done, even more painful than cancer. I can only imagine how painful it will be for someone who gave into the destruction. Sure, maybe it will be great karma for some people, but honestly I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone.

This is why my Mom still helps my Brother in the destruction of me. She thinks that if she can make the process of death easier and less painful it will lessen her pain. However, in actuality she is increasing her pain by creating destruction in hopes of dying peacefully. There is no dying peacefully when you have taken part in destruction for a lifetime. I always thought it was God that you had to answer to about your covert war crimes, but it is not. It is the God within yourself. We are all born God like and somewhere along the way that part of us is lost. However, in death it is found.

All the covert war crimes that you view as just a moment in time and harmless will haunt you for a lifetime. You may tell yourself it is out of survival, but when you are really faced with death your soul will know the truth. And you will not be able to run from it. You are the God you will have to face. You are the God who will judge you. You are the answer and the problem. Everything comes back to you.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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