Just To Keep Everyone Honest Let’s Do A Daily Blog

So, wow! What a crazy weekend, huh? The world changed again. I wish I could really experience these changes like you all, a little further back from the action. I am thinking this past weekend puts so many things into place. I changed my whole reality once again. Good thing I am good at hallucinating and questioning reality. I hope you all question everything, too! It is good for the soul.

Everyday more pieces fall into place as I notice more. It is interesting, if I look at it from an outside perspective. If I look at it personally it is just filled with hurt as it was designed to be.

My old roomate from Las Vegas (who I met in Salem, Oregon many years ago) is related to the owner of the insurance company where I work. I told my Mom they reminded me of each other weeks ago and she said something that made me brush it off. But I can only accept what people tell me with so much faith. I have to think so many things through in my head, about everything. People are a lot of work. Covert warfare is just so draining.

Say what you mean for Christ’s Sake!


Nicole D. Graves

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