Klamath Falls

Well hey there Klamath, I dont think I have ever been here before. It’s nice. It’s like California. I’m here on a mission to reach the Republican farmers and decision makers.

So surprise, I’m still alive. And surprise I have been creating a revolution since March 2021. And surprise I’m the most powerful person in my family by birthrights. No one in either of my families compared to the power I have in the covert war games. This is why my parents never told me about the war games and why my whole family has been trying to kill me for over 3 decades. It’s a super long story, but I dont have time to get into it all today. I’m looking for the Republican farmers and decision makers. We all want to be free from the Kudearoffs. And I’m here to form an alliance of sorts.

First let me give you all the cliffsnotes to the past year or so. It’s a lot so pay attention. This information can change your life both overtly and covertly.

What you need know

1.My birthrights trump everyone’s. I am second on the Graves side of the family. second on the Kudearoff side of the family, and both my parents are #2s. And my Dads older sister does not have children and has never been married so inherit her two birthrights from the Graves & Bennit family. By birthright I am more powerful than both my Dad and Brother or anyone in the Kudearoff family, even my Aunt Lana. She only has my grandma Kudearoff’s birthright. Grandpa Kudearoffs went to my uncle Nick that’s why she killed him.

2. Learned helplessness is a systemic Candida & C Diff bacteria infection. You are powerful, you just have an infection. And you probably inherited it from your Mom, so you have never known how powerful you truly are.

3. There is a covert genocide of Hispanic, Black, Italian, and Asian people, but it is done using food so it effects us all.

4. The systems are set up to hijack your humanity by changing the way you process Oxytocin. This inhibits your ability to feel love and enables you to commit crimes against humanity more willingly

5. There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism, Dyslexia, other learning disabilities, and all chronic illness. This is done with many factors, but the main two are omega 3 to omega 6 ratios and antibiotics. Autism is caused by the antibiotic resistant bacteria called C Diff. This is also what causes addiction.

6. Due to all the negative epigenetic triggers we are experiencing our children are born with gene mutations. So every generation is a lesser than version of human. If you have kids you are helping my family create their very own slave race. This is why they hand out privilege for having children.

7. The systems are set up to make us all fail. No amount of privilege will save you from the destruction of the systems. Even the people who created the system of destruction cannot escape from the destruction of the systems they created. My Dad is dying from colon cancer.

8. I escaped a death camp in southern Arizona and started this revolution in March 2021, you need to join. I have presented this news update to people from the Mexico border all the way up to Bellingham, Washington.

9. I need your help spreading awareness, especially to the younger generations 90’s kids and younger. These are the people who are impacted the most by the epigenetic triggers and gene mutations.

10. Your gut bacteria is warred on by all the systems creating brain damage and damage to your Amygdala which causes you to be in a constant state of unconscious fear. This is to keep you small.

11. I am looking for investors in this revolution and new world, both overt and covert alliances
I have the words for the destruction, the knowledge on how to heal and the power to change everything. Plus, I have built a revolutionary army that surpasses all divisions of people who believe in potential. It’s literally an army of the best and the brightest. With financial backing and support we unstoppable.

12. The Kudearoffs are currently without power. My Moms generation outlived their power. They killed my Grandma Kudearoff when she was almost 58. My Mom turns 66 this summer. My generation does not walk into their power till after my Moms generation dies. So they are without power in this moment.

13. Stay tuned for more information updates I need to be able to communicate with you all so I can help you overcome the destruction of the systems.

14. Please help me connect with the Scandinavian fancy families in Washington & Canada. I would like to get engaged to a Scandinavian to create unity before the election.

P.S. If one of you all can help me become a National news update so I can reach all the people I would super appreciate it. Or if you can get me back into all the grocery store news updates I would appreciate that. Anyway you can help me reach more people I appreciate it.

I only realized the power of my birthrights a few weeks ago. I have built this revolution on the desire to get better for all of us. We deserve better. And I have asked for help all year and when people were able to give it to me they have. I free you all because I have been enslaved right along with you. I have no desire to boss or imprison anyone. Because it’s been done to me my whole life. I want us to create better together. So on that note let me tell you what I need help with.

What I need your help with:

1. I need to get my overt world together in order to breed so my birthrights dont go back to the Kudearoffs when I die. I’m 41 so if you all want my help you need to help me and we gotta be quick about it. Currently I am working at B & R Auto Wrecking in Eugene. They are setting me up to fail just as they have at all the jobs I’ve had my whole life. Do what you can to help.

2. Spread my news like your life depends on it, because it does. All the fancy families & especially the farmers need to know I’m alive and that the Kudearoffs have falsely extended their power by breaking the rules. Have everyone call their people out of this war against me.

3. Find me a Scandinavian man from a fancy family who represents Washington as much as I represent Texas to get engaged to. The two of us will be able to create unity among the Nazis and white people. We need to do this before the November election.

4. Get me into as many communication hubs as possible. If you are from out of town take me home with you. I write a blog www.YouDeserveToHeal.com where I transcribe my important talks. So take me home with you and get everyone to tune in. The world needs to know what’s happening.

5. This is a long shot and my Christmas wish. I would love a home that is not designed to kill me. I’ve never slept in a bed without poison. How do I buy myself a home that isn’t a weapon of destruction?

6. I need your help creating a safe place for me and my dogs in Eugene… I need the people there to know I deserve and have earned my place of safety. Let them know there will be consequences for treason.

7. A note to the farmers, I’m unsure of how you all fit into the power dynamics of the war games. But when I was little my parents brainwashed me to believe I was going to marry a farmer and have 10 kids. You all have some kind of special trump card. Please use it to protect me and allow me to have a good job, maybe even a career. If you all watch out for me, I promise to always watch out for you all.

8. I need a friend in the overt world who doesn’t destroy me and use love as a weapon. I’ve been alone my whole life and I need someone to talk to about my overt world and hopes and dreams.

Thank you, I appreciate any overt or covert help you can give me no matter how big or small.

I know this is a lot to those of you who are just now finding out about my revolution and the fact that I’m still alive. However I ventured down here because I need help. I have gotten the farmers to call off the dark side. However now my family has teamed up with a group of Republicans who are taking their shot at destroying me. Especially at where I work at B and R auto wrecking in eugene on hwy 99. Please call these people out 9f the war against me. I have worked my way through every group and sub group slowly but surely over the past year. I even got my dads military to stop warring on me last year around Santa Barbara and epigenetic trigger of dyslexia and Hispanic genocide. I have been putting together the pieces to the destruction my whole life, but in the past year I finally realized it’s my family who is perpetuating this destruction. Please help me stop my family from ruining our lives on a genetic level. It’s bad enough now, but at this rate it will get substantially worse and quickly. In another generation we are not going to have the option of trying to fix this all because the gene mutations will literally make us a difference species. I want to be human with you all. Please call your people out of this war against me.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves