Leo New Moon Dear Dad

Dear Dad

Did you know Mom has an affair with Uncle Dave? Just like you had an affair with Aunt Lydia. Did you all just swap partners all the time? Did you know about Mom and Uncle Dave though? I dont think you did. Because I dont think you would have gifted uncle Dave with so much privilege if you had. You dont like to share your toys, but you did unknowingly. It was around the time mom had some kind of surgery when I was like 6. She had a sling on her arm or shoulder. Uncle Dave drove us home from sacred heart hospital.

Not so big and bad now are you. You seem pretty pedestrian. Same problems as everyone else. You and Mom fought for dominance and neither of you could ever really control the other. If you had her under control I would have had the last baby rather than her talking me out if it and getting him to buy me into an abortion. That was the heir you always wanted and it was even white.

You all are quite the pair. No wonder me and Ryan never have found partners in life. We are so freaked out to be like you all.

Good realization for the day.

Love Always

Your Daughter and namesake

Nicole D Graves

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