Leptin Resistance-Are You Always Hungry?

As I am recovering from my adventures in the desert, I am putting the pieces back together of what has happened to my body. When I was in the desert healing from cancer and autoimmune diseases, I became accustomed to researching my body as the science experiment it is. And after being sick most of my life and seeing the people in my family suffer from a lot of different dis-eases with many of the same roots, I have realized our bodies speak louder than words ever could. It is fun to read people’s bodies and see how much it differs from what comes out of their mouth. It normally is two totally different stories, especially the people around me.

Leptin resistance makes you feel hungry all the time and it can be a result of chronic stress. If you wanted to get the people to eat the poisoned food wouldn’t you give them hormonal imbalances that make them crave food and never feel satisfied? And this is on top of their gut bacteria that has been chemically altered since before birth to make them self destruct. Let me review. Okay so, you stress the people out and then wait for them to self destruct using food. And while they are busy with this process, you profit off the people with the profits from the food and medical industries. Hmmm… seems like capitalism, huh?

So it is all related. When I was on my adventure, the people dead inside looked at me like they were enjoying my pain when they saw me eating potato chips. However, they forget to take into account the fact that food is the very first thing that my family used to try to destroy me. I was obese as a child and I recovered. When I was in Las Vegas they poisoned me so hard in March 2017 that I gained 50lbs in a month with explosive autoimmune responses. If I was going to self destruct, I would have done it already. Sure living with my Mom and Brother who will eat poison to poison me is frustrating, but it is also a comfort zone I have lived in before for many years. If I can overcome this hurdle, you can too. It is all about cultivating your gut bacteria. I am not saying I am perfect, but I am saying I am a conscious work in progress. Our gut bacteria and microbiome is constantly changing and is not something you can work on one day and forget about the rest of the week. Cultivating your microbiome means being conscious of your daily habits and taking into account how the small decisions will add up and effect you long term.

Pet a dog.

Eat fermented food.

Eat coconut oil.

Put high quality oil on your skin.


Nicole Graves

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