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This is another long shot, but may as well try because what do I have to loose. You know how I have geeked out over health for the last few years? Well, my goal was to help people with their health after I fixed myself. I am not totally better, but I am closer than I ever imagined I would be. And my knowledge of health is a bit overwhelming. As I learn more the pieces come together quicker and quicker. It is pretty magical because I have worked really hard to get to this point. Reading all those medical studies before bed have really paid off. I may not be relatable to many people, but I sure do know what makes me happy. And learning about health makes me happy because it allows me to problem solve for the people I care about.

The only reason I would have to go back to Oregon is to get a job, because my family blacklists me everywhere. Well, what if I didn’t have to go back to Oregon to get a job? Can you imagine how much safer I would be without going back there? Maybe no one can or wants to help me overtly, but maybe some of you all can help me covertly by allowing me to help you.

It has been my dream to write a blog about health and coach people through healing. And look this year I have finally gotten through to people about health and how important it is through my writing. This is a dream come true. When I was learning about Candida more while sitting at my desk in Las Vegas, I told A1 I wanted to write about health and help people. Well, look at what I have done. I have made my dream come true in even the darkest of times. I understand you all think I am nuts because I am hopeful and happy, but I have lived at war my whole life. You have to find the joy and happiness in life whenever possible. It is what keeps you going.

I would love to help some of you with your health. There is no problem that cannot be improved. I am leery of the word cured because health is a lifelong battle/journey. However, everything can be made better. Your quality of life can always be improved. I am not sure how the covert war rules work, but I am pretty sure that my family is not allowed to blacklist me the way they have in my career my whole life. They have gone to extreme measures to keep me small and manageable. Probably because I want to help you all figure out life and now health.

So, in the chances that my family is breaking the rules by not allowing me to follow my dreams and help people with their health, I would like to offer health coaching. I can help with anything. If I don’t know much about something, I have no problem digging into some medical research and learning. In fact, I invite the challenge very much. I know what it is like to feel hopeless and those are the people I want to find hope for the most. I want to help you resolve your learned helplessness in whatever way I can because you are powerful.

My paypal is Ziona891@gmail.com and my Venmo is @now_nizi(it says my name is N Tow) send me what you think my help is worth, a sliding scale if you will. I know money is tight sometimes and when you are sick it is hard to earn money. I have all the time in the world to help people, especially when they go out of their way to help me. I know this is risky just as every association with me is, but I am pretty sure it is against the rules to block my ability to make a living for myself. I should get to provide for myself and live where I choose. I am 40 years old, it is time I had a little more control over my own life. Because it is my life, even if I have a birthright that is crippling. Maybe I am just being hopeful again, but that is what life is about is keeping your faith and hope and keeping going. At least that is what has kept me alive.

I look forward to working on health and healing with you all.

Love Always & Talk Soon

Nicole Graves

P.S. You can always send me an email if you have any questions or concerns @ Ziona891@gmail.com

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