Long News Update by Nicole Graves Kudearoff

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News Update By Nicole Graves Kudearoff- www.YouDeserveToHeal.com

Hello there! I am Nicole Graves. You all know my Father, Donnie Graves, the leader of the dark side and my Mother, Margie Graves, of the Kudearoff Klan of Oregon. I was literally genetically modified and bred to be great evil. However, I have Asperger’s genius and I rejected the dark side(they like to tell people I am “Special”). It is a long complex story that you are more than welcome to read about here on this blog on the internet(www.YouDeserveToHeal.com).

I survived and escaped a death camp in Southern Arizona to bring you all some information that is very important:

  1. There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism and Dyslexia to keep us all small and manageable. Read More Below: Under 35 & Genetically Modified To Take Orders
  2. The Systems Of The World Are Set Up To Make Us All Fail. Read More Below: The Systems Set Us All Up To Fail
  3. There is a covert genocide of Hispanic People happening. Read More Below: Hispanic Genocide (Edit: Also, Italian & Black people)
  4. The systems are set up to make you all loose the ability to feel love and humanity. Read More Below: Southern California, Oxytocin, Humanity Hijacking
  5. I have been creating a revolution since March 30, 2021 all up and down the west coast to throw my Dad and Brother out of power. You all are the last to get on board and you all need to join me. My Dad is dying of colon cancer and I want to free the people and help you all heal. But he wants me to die and my Brother to take over. Long Story! But my Dad is still mad that I have rejected illogical evil my whole life and has punished me for a lifetime. Read More Here: New To My Revolution-What You Need To Do

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Nice to meet you & Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. If one of you all can help me become a National news update so I can reach all the people I would super appreciate it.

The Systems/Industries Working Against Us All

Let me talk this one out on paper. I think if we see the systems working against us in black and white it will have a revolutionary effect.

  1. Food Industry-it is all meant to kill us slowly and take our money in the process
  2. Farming Industry-government subsidies all for our family cult to control the food industries before it is even grown/raised, many of South Americans were farmers when first came to US(maybe now too?)
  3. Healthcare Industry-sickness is a business, they do not aim to heal you only keep you enslaved
  4. Hospitals-for profit and often associated with Catholic church-not interested in healing on enslaving and punishing
  5. Organized Religion-for profit fear tactics and control tactics
  6. Insurance Industry-fear tactic, dictates prices for services, makes us all pay for those who get sucked into healthcare industry-run by Aryans
  7. Housing/Real Estate Industry-keeps us small, diseased, manageable, and preoccupied-I took a LEED building course & buildings are not made for health or sustainability unless you pay much more–run by Aryans
  8. Automobile Industry-that new car smell is just a fancy way to say poison-used as a weapon for Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy-I have not driven the majority of my life this is also why my epigenetics are better than most
  9. Oil/Gasoline Industry-my Grandpa Graves was big into the oil industry in Argentina it is a South American thing-this is how they get the poison to the people is through the gas-this is why truckers are so sick
  10. Beauty Industry-makeup has heavy metals still, we are sold a fake image to keep us always striving for the unattainable-plastic surgery is a huge industry- plastic surgery erodes your gut bacteria just like other surgeries setting you up for chronic illness-and implants are linked to autoimmune issues
  11. Tatoo Industry-poison you pay to implant into your skin that seeps into your blood stream and bypasses your liver for a lifetime-changes epigenetics, may cause gene mutations in your children-tatoo artists=professional Munchausen by proxy
  12. Prison/Jail Industry(aka Punishment Industry)-it is literally a for profit industry that uses their cheap labor to manufacture things for other industries and they feed these people the worst foods and probably do medical experiments on them
  13. News/Media Industry-for profit fear tactics and control tactics-withhold real information and spread what they want you to know or what they want you to keep preoccupied with
  14. Telephones/Cell Phones/WiFi-a means to spy on you and see what you do in your personal life-wifi is designed to mess with your humanity the frequency throws off something in your brain/body just like cell phone radiation-tracking devices
  15. Government-just figure heads for our family cult-they are relatively powerless-I was around when the Certain One was dealing with the government in Sacramento to get weed legalized-we pay them off to do things and/or blackmail them
  16. Pharmaceutical Industry-meant to make you sicker in the long run and keep you addicted and reliant–not a healing industry
  17. Legal/Medical Marijuana Industry–just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain(Fragment: you should have seen how sick the people were at the dispensary in Southern Arizona were that I went to. They put so much poison in the weed there! They use it to thin the herd.)
  18. Adult Beverage Industry-just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain-my brother worked at the distributor-these are the people who poison the soda as well
  19. Cigarettes-meant to keep you addicted and spending and a venue for poisons-I had a Sugar Daddy who was a tobacco farmer in NC-they bought his tobacco but would not tell him how many cigarettes they made out of it. like this much tobacco equals so many cigarettes-super shady industry
  20. Education Industry-a way to control what we know and who gets to know what-a way to socialize, condition, and break children/young adults to become war game players of tomorrow-school teachers are something that some families in my family cult do generation after generation-Amanda Hunt my best friend growing up, her family is a line of school teachers from within the war games
  21. Clothing/Shoe Industry-a way to poison people-your feet have the largest pores in your body so you absorb the most toxins through your feet(thanks Mom). When you try on cheap shoes at Walmart pay attention to what you feel in your body. When I try on flip flops there I can feel it in my liver and lymphatic system. Just tune in and try it, I dare you.
  22. Cleaning Supply Industry-a way to get us to poison ourselves regularly in the name of cleanliness- contain heavy metals and then when mixed with untrustworthy people more poisons added via Munchausen by Proxy-cleaners cause cancer which gets you to buy into the healthcare industry
  23. Gym Industry-used to poison people(this is where I get concentration camp showers)– used to throw off their limbic systems-your body is not meant to be stressed that badly when we are in such bad health already-exercise needs to be gentle and be a soothing experience–keeps people seeking something in the wrong fashion so they will always be seeking and rarely obtain–also my family cult really enjoys giving people heart attacks with intense exercise-SS soldier industry
  24. Fast Food Industry-food that is overtly designed to get you addicted, diseased, and kill you

We can keep going all day, but you all are starting to get the idea, right? It is not just my family cult, it is our family cult. Our family cult is the wizard behind the curtain in so many different aspects of our lives, aiming to make us all small, diseased, and manageable(Not to mention genetically modify us all). Just let me know when you all are ready to be revolutionary, I will be over here in Santa Barbara eating chips, working on my writing project, and waiting for you all to have had enough.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Under 35 & Genetically Modified To Take Orders

Last night was a huge realization moment. People 35 and under have literally been genetically modified to not think logically and/or critically so they just take orders. And the people over 35 have also had their epigenetics changed to effect the way their brain operates. See your epigenetics have been used against you to make you small and not even realize it.

The environment and nutritional deficiencies are inhibiting your ability to think logically/critically. This is why I am so different than most of you all. My genetic modifications make me a more logical thinker and I have not been involved in the war games so I have not encountered as drastic of an impact on my epigenetics.

When I get excited about something it is hard to slow down and explain things so bare with me. The food system has not only been rigged to make you chronically ill, but it also makes you unable to use your brain to your fullest ability. This is another way they get you stuck in your reptilian brain. Thus you do not think about why you are doing something just how you are going to do something. This is why you all take orders without knowing the whole story. My favorite question is why and I rarely can do something unless I know the logic behind it. This is why I have such a hard time relating to people is because I am constantly asking myself why you all are doing what you are doing. And now I realize you all do not even know, because you have been programmed/conditioned to only think about how you will do things.

This epigenetic trigger of Dyslexia is worldwide and can be corrected/improved with Omega 3, DHA, iron, B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, probiotics, etc. If you improve your nutrition you can improve your epigenetics and thus your brain. Also, people with Dyslexia have been found to have more lead and mercury in their brain because a lack of zinc allows for more absorbtion of heavy metals.

An example of how the food system has been rigged to keep you in your small brain would be chicken and pork(aka bacon). Chicken and pork have a high rate of Omega 6, thus throwing off the Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio in your body. (Fragment: this also applies to all the seed oils in processed foods like chips and crackers, etc.) This causes inflammation and a change in your epigenetics. So when you are eating chicken breast thinking you are doing something healthy, you are contributing to the destruction of your epigenetics. The whole food system is indeed designed to keep you small and diseased literally.

Are you all mad yet? You all are so much smarter than you even could have imagined! What are you going to do about it? (Besides take up a Keto diet?)

Are we all ready to revolt now, because the system is keeping you small in every way possible? You literally do not know yourself because you have been stolen from yourself by the systems my Dad has created.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Hispanic Genocide

Southern California

I forgot to mention the kicker of it all. But first you all have to promise if you are 35 and under and of Hispanic decent you will help me get the rest of my revolutionary people to revolt and shoot maybe even riot. See you all were treated just like me, genetically modified and tortured.

My Great Grandfather Hitler hated the Hispanic people and started a covert genocide on you all. My Dad has followed in his foot steps. However, some Hispanic people know about this genocide, but most of the younger generations do not. I am not sure the reason behind who knows and who doesn’t yet. It has been a really long couple years, but the past few weeks I have been on E while putting together these last few pieces of this crazy puzzle.

See Mexican/Hispanic food is designed to cause autoimmune/chronic illness. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease starts with leaky gut. Leaky gut is caused by genetically modified plants/vegetables and nightshades. Traditional Mexican food is not like Mexican food here. Example: In Mexico they do not allow GMO corn because traditionally people plant some of the corn they eat. American Mexican food has been literally designed to take you all out of the equation. This is why you all have higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and chronic illness. And why you all die younger and from what I can tell by the graves in Santa Fe and your epigenetics more painfully.

So yeah, Hispanic genocide is something the Aryans/Hybrids have known about. And they are okay with it, because they knew their priviledge came with this cost. These are mostly the whites, but a few South Americans too, who live west of 101. Some of them have joined the revolution, but the few people left fighting this war are mostly the Aryans/Hybrids. This is the race my Great Grandfather Hitler thought was the ideal, but even in their epigenetics they are missing something.

The pieces it has taken to discover this have been great and choppy, but here we are and one day I will explain all the how I figured it out. But here is the how our family cult is executing the Hispanic people in a covert genocide. If I would have never have lived by the Mexican border in Arizona I do not think I would have figured this part out. WWII never stopped my family just got better at covert genocide.

Are you ready to get angry with me and help me get the others to revolt?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Southern California, Oxytocin, Humanity Hijacking

Okay Southern California bare with me as I speak geek because I figured out how my family cult is hijacking your humanity.

So your brains do produce Oxytocin you all just process it differently. Oxytocin is often referred to as the “love hormone” but really it is just an intensifier. Your brain produces Oxytocin when you take part in human interactions, but especially when you raise your children, nurse them, and child birth. However, when you have experienced trauma, bullying, and repeated distress related to social interaction your brain processes Oxytocin differently. Instead of it making you feel loved and connected it amplifies your anxiety. This is why my Mom was unable to nurse both my Brother and I. Feeling that close to someone and the Oxyotcin involved stressed her out and made her anxious. This kind of processing of Oxytocin leads to avoidant attachment style, which is involved in cluster b personality types(narcissism, borderline personality disorder, and sociopathy).

Our family cult and the war games are stealing your ability to process the experience of being human and stealing your humanity through your limbic system, which houses your emotions. A lot of the chemicals and environmental stressors are aimed at deregulating your limbic system, which involves throwing off your emotions and hormones that control them. This is why we all have overactive cortisol, the stress hormone. This is how our family cult keeps us more manageable.

Children to parents like this are often lacking normal human interactions, thus we do not get enough Oxytocin. This is why I crave my Mother still when things go weird/wrong in my life and I just need a hug. Oxytocin is what my family has used against me and why I crave the love of my Mother. PTSD, anxiety, Aspergers, and Autism can all be treated with Oxytocin and be improved.

Oxytocin is how the adult industry saved my life. It is more than just getting me away from my family, it was by making me feel loved. It provided a safe environment where I could produce Oxytocin and experience it being mirrored to me in others without fear of hurt/pain. When you feel loved and safe it lowers anxiety and improves people’s humanity and ability to emotionally regulate. This is why life has been so hard and confusing since leaving the adult industry behind. There has not been anywhere safe to produce Oxytocin without fear of harm besides with my dogs and/or within my work relationships in sales jobs.

I do not judge you all for being the way you are, but I hope you understand this is why the world looks so dark to you all. Being human is hard and it does hurt at times, but your fear of being human is just another symptom of the systems that have set you up to fail. You have been genetically modified to reject human interaction as something that is beautiful and warm. Instead your brain tells you it is going to hurt and be painful.

This genetic modification is present in the fancy families and the SS soldiers, but I noticed it being systemic throughout all the people in Santa Barbara and as I have gone South it has gotten extremely worse. This is why I loved Vallejo so much. Their brains still were able to feel love and they were open to the experience. This is what the white people are missing in their epigenetics. I always said they did not know love. Well, I was right! They do not know love because their brains have been conditioned to fear human interactions. This is the screw loose that they are missing. And our family cult has done this to the majority of people down here in Southern California. This is why being down here makes me lonely and miss my Mom. You all do not mirror me and instead you feel pain from my loving acts of sharing information. You all fear human interaction because it has never worked out for you in the past. And this is why I do not love any one human, but I love humanity. I have always loved people from an arm’s distance, but letting them close is something that our family cult has never allowed for me to enjoy. Because my family literally cannot experience love and they refuse to let me enjoy something they cannot experience.

Love is a gift. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is part of being human. Love is what makes the world go round. Love is the greatest motivator in the human experience. You all are missing out on the best part of being human.

Humanity is a chore and a weakness without the ability to feel love. Please reconsider how you view and experience humanity, it could literally save us all.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Acceptance Vrs Learned Helplessness

When I walk my dogs, I people watch and study your epigenetics. Here in Santa Barbara I have seen some variations that I have not seen before. Which makes sense because I have not been exposed to Scandinavians since my Dad was married to Kris(aka about 30 years). If you have been following along, than you know that your state of mind effects your epigenetic expression. All you have to do is change your state of mind to change your epigenetics. It is pretty magical. It only takes 4 days of mediation/visualization to change your epigenetics, so this is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting anything.

This morning I was talking on the Jeep cam about accepting versus understanding. With the world the way it is and the way our brains have been genetically modified, I have had to accept that I am just not going to understand a lot of things in life because they are not logical. However, I do not accept that I am helpless over the things I do not logically understand. Just because you see something for how it is does not mean you are helpless over it.

Let’s use cancer as an example. Yes, cancer kills a lot of people, yes it is scary, and yes you have to accept that you have it. However, once you accept that you have it you can take the steps necessary to fight/heal it. But than again if you accept cancer and accept learned helplessness you will never be able to do much to fight/heal and you will die.

You all left fighting this war have accepted learned helplessness and accepted that my death is something you can not do anything about. This is literally effecting your epigenetic expression. This is how my family cult uses me to break people. They use me to get you to accept the unacceptable-which is learned helplessness. The the majority of people involved in this revolution/conflict/war have accepted that they have power over their own lives, no matter how much they have been told they do not.(Fragment: Anger makes you feel empowered.)

Those of you fighting this war(especially those I see today), no matter how much you try to hide it with the exterior, feel powerless and have accepted learned helplessness. You have accepted being kept small, manageable, and diseased as the way it will always be. But why is my question? I think it is merely because no one has ever shown you a different way.

If you were diagnosed with cancer today would you fight or would you accept learned helplessness. Because that is all this war/revolution is. It is a cancer on humanity. Are you going to fight like your life depends on it, or are you going to roll over and die?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Predestined Greatness

The other day in one of my videos before I went to the Springfield Police, I was trying to understand why I have a hard time putting myself first and choosing me. Well, I was raised to be the scapegoat of my family cult. All the South Americans view me as the scapegoat and the reason why my Dad hasn’t lead us to greatness. Aka I am his excuse.

Dare I question your logic and ask how you ever expected someone who is so interested in destruction to lead you towards greatness? His poor ability to lead us to a good place has nothing to do with me. It has to do with his value system. He does not value greatness, otherwise he would value potential. My Dad has lead you all to a place where greatness is not even an option on the table, because anyone who desires to explore their own potential is a threat to his own ego. How dare you desire to be better than him at any thing!

Don’t you ever wonder what your gifts are in this life? We all have gifts that are predestined. However, without the freedom to explore our potential we will never find these God given gifts. What is the use in being carbon copies of my Mom and Dad like so many of you are? You understand they aren’t happy people, right? And you understand their lack of happiness has to do with the choices they have made based on their value system that they expect you all to adopt, right?

Being an independent thinker is revolutionary and can lead you to places no one else has been!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

My New Revolutionary Members

I see people taking part in this war for our family cult and they look like they are in pain. One guy was literally biting his nails. I understand it takes awhile for the news to spread, but once you are hip to the news there is another option besides blindly taking orders.

Over here on the revolutionary side we are organizing and creating a new way of life where potential and freedoms are valued. We are a simple bunch and believe in peace both externally and internally. So what we ask you to do is simple:

  1. Turn off your phone, the covert war cannot overtly ask you to do anything unless you allow them to.
  2. Stop spending excess money. The less we spend on material things, the less power we give over to the systems that aim to enslave us and make us all fail.
  3. Stay tuned for more updates and just remember this is a revolution, not necessarily a war if it does not have to be.
  4. While you relax and hang out at home, gossip and call all your friends and family(especially on the West Coast)to let them know about the revolution, and to see where they stand. It is important for you all to know who honors the old ways and values destruction. These are the people who will destroy themselves in order to destroy you. These are the people who are not safe for you or your family to be around. So take stock and become aware of where everyone stands because we take care of our own. Prioritizing revolutionary people is prioritizing ourselves and this is what we need to do to move forward. Allow the people who value destruction to be around the others who value destruction and they will take care of the problem people for us. It is a beautiful solution.

My revolutionary people, we made big progress today in the LA area. Somehow my updates have moved beyond the grocery stores and into people’s homes and cars as well. I am still not sure how to reach the everyday normal people, but we build as we fly so we will get to them too. Especially, if you all can help me out with a lot of gossiping and spreading awareness about this revolution. I appreciate you all, thank you for being you.

Love you Always

Nicole Graves

I See Your Humanity

I see you all’s humanity. I know you are not dead inside like my family. And you all are the exception to the rule this far South. Privilege does amazing things, huh? I am not here to shame you. I am here to offer you help. See I am the last hope for your children and grandchildren. You have seen the way the rest of the world has been effected by the epigenetic triggers that you all have been lucky enough to buy yourself out of so far. But how lucky do you think your children will be in the next 20-40 years? And how about their children in the next 20-40 years? The sooner everyone looses their humanity the better as far as my family is concerned. And you know this is the truth because you have had to fight tooth and nail to hang onto your humanity and your quality of life. I can relate I have fought endlessly to keep my humanity as well. It is something that is priceless and is aimed to be stolen from us from all the systems in place. And it is really hard to escape all of the systems. Even if you profit off this system over here there is another system aimed to target you. There is no winning in the world we live in and it has been designed to make us all fail. Just because you have a life that is more comfortable now does not mean you will always have this luxury. It is just a matter of time before my family will figure out how to take what you value from you.

You all need to join my revolution and help be an example of what good people need to do to ban together to change the world. I am not asking you to fight a war, just be revolutionary. Which is something you already take part in because exploring your potential is part of how you have gotten to where you are today. Behind closed doors you enjoy being good people and you hide that from the world. Unlike my family who gets even worse behind closed doors.

You all need to be revolutionary. But not for me, for your children and grandchildren. No one else in my family has humanity and so I understand why you are scared of them. But what is even scarier is living in a world where the people in charge want to steal your humanity and there is never hope of a different way. I am the last chance at a different way of life and I need you to respect and honor what I have fought for my whole life. I have fought to do the right thing and I will continue to do the right thing. You all need to pick me by choosing your children and joining my revolution. A covert war can only be allowed the power you allow them to have over you. Turn off your phones and stop spending excess money. This is a chance for the lives we have all dreamed of. If it doesn’t work than you all can always go back to giving into others having control over your lives. But if it does work we will experience true freedom beyond what we have ever dared to dream of!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Still Fighting This War-What You Are Fighting For

Let me just write this all out so I can understand why you all left fighting this war are doing what you are doing.

  1. You do not believe you deserve potential or to explore what makes you unique and irreplaceable. And you are okay with being kept small, manageable, and diseased.
  2. You are agreeing to being genetically modified to take orders and not think logically for yourself. Your brain being dysfunctional is not an issue for you.
  3. You do not believe you deserve to love and be or feel loved. You understand that my family cult has set the systems up to make your brain unable to process human interaction as love. Instead, you are agreeing to having a fear response to human contact/interaction.
  4. You are okay with your children being genetically modified and having gene mutations that will prohibit them ever reaching their full potential. And you are okay with them Never knowing love and living in pain their whole lives.
  5. You are okay with the systems setting you and us all up to fail and fail miserably. The epigenetic triggers in the systems set us all up for chronic illness. So you are okay with failing at everything and being in pain all the time.
  6. You believe destruction is the best we can do. Therefore you do not value ever experiencing love, potential, and/or kindness.
  7. You believe the Hispanic people should all die in order for you to have a better quality of life. Even though that quality of life will still involve constant pain and suffering.
  8. You are okay with being told who you are rather than finding the person you were born to be. And you are okay with destiny for your children as well.
  9. You are okay with food being poison. You are okay with air being poison. You are okay with water being poison.
  10. You value social norms in order to keep you distracted from what is really important in life. (Like quality of life, world peace, solving world hunger, potential, manifesting your dreams and goals etc.)

Okay there is so much more, but I am sure you are starting to get the idea that you are fighting for your own death and demise. You are killing yourself and your children with your actions. And this is okay with you?

Do Better!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Recap Of Destruction By The Covert War Games

This year has been overwhelming with all the things I have learned, not only about my family, but about the world. I am sure you all can relate. Let’s go ahead and recap all the things my family cult is doing to destroy and disillusion us all.

  1. Epigenetic triggers of Autism, Dyslexia, other learning disabilities, Diabetes, and all chronic illnesses
  2. Covert genocide of all races, but especially Hispanic, Italian, and Black
  3. Dysfunctional processing of Oxytocin by the way our society is set up-this steals our humanity and allows for crimes against humanity more willingly
  4. All the systems are set up to make us all fail-even if we profit from one system we still are set up to fail by all the others
  5. Romantic love and marriage are sold to us as distractions, but what we are sold is not attainable
  6. Health is sold to us in an unattainable version
  7. Carb filled diets are sold to us as a way to keep us manageable, small, and create disease-thus getting us to buy into the other systems more willingly
  8. Marriage is a lie, because the men in the war games prefer sex with other men(plus they molest children)
  9. We are kept in a stressed state to keep us in our reptilian brain-this keeps us small and limits our emotional spectrum
  10. Food, Drinks, and Sex are used as distractions and addictions to keep us in our reptilian brains and keep us small and manageable
  11. Potential is not an option, it is an unattainable uphill battle used as a distraction
  12. Houses are created to distract us for a lifetime and create disease
  13. Medical industry is created to enslave us not heal us, but gets us to buy into learned helplessness
  14. Candida overgrowth is created in our bodies by society, Standard American diet, antibiotics, modern medicine, and public schools to make us accept learned helplessness on a biological level.
  15. Leaky gut is created to keep us malnourished, thus keeping us small, manageable, and diseased
  16. We are conditioned to accept manageable life situations and relationships to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  17. Fear tactics are used against us to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  18. Misinformation and withholding of information is used to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  19. People with Cluster B Personality Disorders run the war games/world and convince the masses and intact emotional spectrum is weak and dysfunctional
  20. We all live in a Truman Show just to varying degrees, depending on how much we are taking part in the destruction of everything and everyone
  21. Our bodies are biologically used as weapons against us by the systems
  22. You are made not to feel at home in your body so you constantly seek comfort outside yourself, thus supporting the systems that aim to destroy you
  23. The Stock Market and alternative currencies are used as a tool and mirage to aid in the game of financial domination my family cult plays with us all
  24. We are sold conformity as the only way to gain control over our lives, but we are expected to conform to people who are mentally ill
  25. Not only are our diets used to destroy us, the foods themselves have been genetically modified and created in labs to destroy us painfully and create disease
  26. The environment we all live in creates fatty liver and estrogen dominance to make us more manageable, small, and diseased
  27. Viruses and world events are created to make us live in a fear state and buy into learned helplessness and that the systems are the ones that can save us
  28. Reproduction and Pregnancy are used to keep women small, manageable, diseased, and invested in learned helplessness and accepting of their place as second class citizens
  29. The epigenetic trigger of Dylexia steals your quantum field-taking away your ability to access and create limitless potential
  30. Marketing, television, advertising, social gatherings, sports, etc are used to keep us seeking social norms and to keep us distracted, small, manageable, and diseased
  31. Our traditions and values are used as weapons against us to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  32. Insulin resistance is created by numerous systems and leads to malnutrition-thus keeping us small, manageable, and diseased
  33. We are sold the idea that destroying others is the only way to save ourselves, but when we destroy others we are destroying ourselves, because the systems of destruction do not allow for anyone to escape the destruction
  34. Emotional addiction is used to keep us all controlled, small, manageable, and diseased
  35. When we access our quantum field as a collective we have more power than the systems ever will, yet they expect us to buy into being small because they cannot access their own quantum field-this is why group meditation changes the world
  36. Any comfort offered to us is a means to destroy us and keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  37. We live in fear of having our comforts and privilege taken away. We spend our whole lives living in this fear because it is never escapable. The systems do not want you to experience real comfort and security
  38. Your gut bacteria and microbiome is used against you as a weapon to control your body, mind, and spirit. This is why hand sanitizer exists and antibacterial soap
  39. Our epigenetics are negatively impacted so our children are born with gene mutations that cannot be reversed
  40. The worldwide war games are made up of different groups of people who wish to enslave their own people because their privilege would not exist without others being enslaved more than themselves
  41. Since the 1990’s the Dyslexic epigenetic trigger has been impacting almost everyone born and yet the systems are not set up to value what they have to offer
  42. The war games are a worldwide affair just more covert in some places and more overt in others
  43. Everyone is trauma bonded to the systems that have destroyed them-this is why people who have experienced the most pain still sign up to fight this war for my family cult when called upon
  44. We are all sold the idea that having humanity is weak, rather than the true strength it is
  45. I am the last person in a family in a place of power who has fought to keep my humanity and I am willing to help the world change the systems. Yet not everyone who has been destroyed by the systems values my efforts or me
  46. Shame is used to keep us all small and believing there is something wrong with us, that we are defective
  47. Absolutely No One is immune to the destruction of the systems-even my father has cancer
  48. Estrogen dominance is used as a weapon against us all because it allows cancer to grow quicker and allows for our brains to reinforce addictive behaviors more
  49. Fasting kills cancer, but doctors cannot recommend it as treatment because they are under orders to practice medicine rather than healing
  50. Shame causes OCD and Perfectionism keeping us stuck in our heads and distracted, small, manageable, and diseased
  51. Our potentials have been stolen from us all, but we accept that we are the reason we do not succeed to the level that we are destined to
  52. We are not taught how to accept things because then we would find a solution. We are taught learned helplessness to keep us paralyzed and victims
  53. We have the power to overcome this covert war because who we are is dictated by the small everyday things we do.
  54. We each are special individuals who are born for greatness, the war games and conformity steals this from us
  55. Public schools are used to force us to conform and break us as children to prepare us for a lifetime of destruction by the systems
  56. Religion is used as a war games weapon. God and love are used against us all.
  57. The war games are a covert war, yet everyone plans and lives their live dictated by them by choice-it is not an overt war
  58. Munchausen by proxy is accepted as “normal” even though to destroy another we destroy ourselves first
  59. Life is supposed to be easy and put us at ease. Yet, we allow the war games to complicate every aspect of our lives
  60. There is a time and a place for vicious. Instead of being vicious with the systems that destroy and enslave us all, we are being vicious with each other

Okay that pretty much sums it up. There are a ton more details, but you all get the idea. We are being destroyed and we are allowing it. We are blessed because in some places this war game is overt and here we are letting a covert war game get the best of us. How do you think this makes the people who live with the overt war games feel? We all have been blessed and it is our duty to stand not only for what is right, but for the world. We are all equal and deserving.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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