M & R

Never did I imagine that this adventure and my sticking up for myself would hurt people. M & R, my Mom’s friends, you all are next in line to die for changing of the guard, huh? But they are trying to keep you alive because my Mom and Dad are next, huh? There is an order of operations like in math problems for the changing of the guard.

I am so sorry. I know you two are good people because when you see me you experience fear. The not so good people experience anger. You two and Aunt Lee are the only family and family friends who seem to be human. That mostly means they have picked on you greatly. So you are more likely to understand my point of view. Please know I mean you no harm. I would like you all to live. M eat the ferments and start fasting, dry fasting is super magical, but start with what you can do… Maybe a 10 hour dry fast at night and work up to a 12 hour etc. Dry fasting and ferments can fix almost anything except things that are medically induced. Stop letting them cut you open, they do not know healing. Your dog is like Haywood when he was younger when they were gassing me big time, before we both got really sick.

Did the war games pay off for you? I know my family is eaten alive by them. Does the tap water at your house have the chemical that makes your lips tingle, teeth go numb, and cortisol spike? This will inhibit your healing. I have been getting water from clear water or lake landing by 42nd. It has been poisoned too, but it is still cleaner than the tap water at my Mom’s house.

I wish I knew what to say. I guess thank you for being human. It is really nice to know that some of the people I know from “home” still have a heart, even right up to the end. I wish I knew what I could say to end this all, but I think I just have to survive and wait it out. I am open to suggestions if you would like to send me a covert energetic mind message. LOL! I know it sounds crazy, but hey it has gotten me this far. I appreciate you both very much. Thank you for being yous.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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