Magic In Redding

My revolutionary people, You Are Magical!

Hi Redding, we too meet again. I went into a Safeway here and knowing this is the quality of food they feed the SS soldiers, you all are treated worse than the people of Eugene/Springfield. I never noticed this before and I am sorry. However, thank you so much for joining my revolution.

If you did end up being sent to gang stalk me, it is okay. Just join our revolution, go home, turn off your phone, and stop spending money. I do not hold grudges about little bits of poison, I have been poisoned my whole life. It is okay!

Okay my revolutionary people, let’s keep going South and see what I find. The world feels at peace today more than it has maybe ever. I hope you all can feel that too. Once again I do not know where we will go from here, but we build as we fly. I do know we are heading towards better times though!

You all did this you know, I just represent you all. Always Keep Going!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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