May 13 2022 Moon in Libra sun in Taurus State Of The Union Addressing Normal People

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to tune in. This is Nicole D. Graves. You all know my family well, but probably never thought you would hear me address you all. I probably even came back from the dead for some of you all.

I have so much to say, but I’m going to try to keep it short. We will continue to talk. This is not a one time thing. This is a new way of operating. See over the past year I have been creating a revolution. I have everyone in the war games sold, even my Dad’s military and my Uncle Dave’s people. I have moved mountains to create a wave of change. However, you all are the deciding factor. Your vote determines the future for us all. I was told I was less than and would never be much in life much like you all have been. And in this moment we are discovering our true power and destiny. We are the decision makers. Not only for me and you all, but for the world. No pressure you know lol.

I recently found out that my birthrights from my Dad’s side of the family make me have more power in the war games than anyone. Even without getting married and having children, I trump not only the Kudearoff family but my Dad and Brother as well. So I can relate to how you all are feeling in this very moment. The world is literally on our shoulders and everyone is counting on us to do the right thing. For people who were told their whole lives that they did not matter I hope you understand how important we really are.

I was never told about the war games and my birthrights because I have the power to change everything. My family has been trying to kill me for over 3 decades. However, I have learned how to heal and how to survive the unthinkable. You all are like me. You have been kept small and told you were unimportant when in realty you are the answer to everything. You are why the war games exist. Without the power and energy you provide to the systems no one would fight to be in control.

I have been trying to reach the normal people my whole life, but extremely this past year. I want to teach you how to overcome the destruction. I want to teach you how to heal. In the darkness I have found the light and I want us all to heal.

I understand you all were lead to believe that my Brother was to take over for my Dad, but without my family killing me he does not get my birthrights. I hope you understand how hard I have had to work to just stay alive. It’s been a lot to say the least.

Also recently I discovered my Mom’s generation of the Kudearoff family has outlived their birthrights of power. I don’t know if you all know all the rules to the war games. There are so many, but my Grandma Kudearoff died at 58 because they killed her. My Mom is going to turn 66 this summer. They have chosen to extend their lives and their power by breaking the rules. We all know they like to believe the rules do not apply to them. So this leaves them without protection because my generation does not inherit their power till they die. It is Kudearoff open season.

So here we are where I have won everyone in the war games and military over and the Kudearoffs are without their power, but yet they are still calling on you normal people to do their bidding. They like to keep you all in the dark just as they kept me in the dark. Because that allows for them to have more power and for them to condition us to be small.

In this moment we get to choose the world we want to live in. Even when the passing of the guards happens in the Kudearoff family I will still be able to trump them with my birthrights from my Dad’s family. However, I am not the one who gets to choose what kind of world we live in. You all are the deciding vote for us all. We fought this revolution all year to get to you and you get to decide where we all go from here.

I am not here to boss you. I am here to help facilitate your wishes. I like you all have been bossed around my whole life, I do not want to make anyone feel like that. I want to empower you all.

And so here we are at quite the crossroads. This is a place you all probably never saw coming. Just as I never saw myself having this much power. Its overwhelming huh? It’s okay that means you are taking this moment seriously. If you took it lightly then it wouldn’t feel this heavy. That’s a good sign. We all want the decision makers to take this moment seriously for us all. This is where we change history forever. Or we continue down the dark path we have been on for generations.

Over the past year I have found the words to describe so much of the destruction we all encounter on a regular. And I was going to go through the list and try to persuade you to choose me because I have chosen you. But you all know the destruction. You feel it every day. You may not be able to describe it in words, but you have lived it just as I have. And i don’t need you all to choose me, i need you all to choose yourselves. You are the one that matters. Each and every one of you matters and deserves better. This is not about me, it’s about you all.

You all know the destruction because you feel it every day. You need to choose yourselves so we all can live a better life in a better world. You all have been policed by all the people born into the war games just like me. You all have been pushed around and told you are small just like me. Are you ready for better? Are you ready to find yourself and the life you deserve?

We all know what happens when we let the Kudearoff family and my Dad and Brother lead us all. But what happens when we let you all call the shots? Are you all ready for this responsibility? Will you promise to take it seriously and to heart? Rarely do people get this kind of opportunity, so I hope you all understand what is on the line.

Tonight is the night we change the world. The Kudearoff family is no longer in charge. I am appointing you all. Tonight you all decide which direction we all take. Tonight you all are the master of your own destiny. I will be here to help guide you all through facilitating change, but I’m going to need you all to decide on the change you wish to see. I will follow your lead.

Tonight we change everything, but that change starts with you all. Talk to all the normal people, talk amongst yourselves and figure out where we go from here. Let everyone know we are changing everything and they have a say in which way we steer this ship. Let me know what your decision is and I will back you all up and do what is necessary with all this power I inherited. We the people are free. Maybe for the first time ever in history.

Love Always and Forever

Nicole D. Graves

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