Meditation Tonight At 8pm West Coast Time

Today, I held a sign in two different locations in Chula Vista. If I can get to the Hispanic people in greater LA, I can get to the Hispanic people in the San Diego area. All it takes is reaching one person who is revolutionary. One person is a goal that I can always hold onto. In each city I have been to it has been one person who has been the tipping factor. Look at me, I am one person and I created a revolution. One person matters, you matter.

Tonight, at 8pm west coast time, please join me in meditating and feeling the world we are creating. Imagine what it would be like for the whole world to have freedom of information to make informed decisions about their own lives. Imagine what your life will be like after this revolution, think of the details and picture it in your mind. No time limits or thinking about the how. Just feel and dream and imagine and be grateful. Gratitude changes everything. Gratitude draws the life of your dreams towards you because your energy matches that life more.

Never underestimate the power of one person. One person can change the world. Hopefully, I reached the one person I needed to today in Chula Vista.

One person is a goal we all can attain.

Love you my revolutionary people, see you tonight.

Nicole Graves

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