Mind Dump #849

Since I have been back at my Mom’s house in Oregon, I have gotten so angry. I have learned so much so quickly and it all makes so much sense. Plus, the poisons that spike my cortisol do not help either.

When I first got here they tried to spin me out on my gut bacteria so I would develop chronic illness. And it almost worked, but I caught on and fixed my gut bacteria. That was the most unstable I have felt this whole adventure and it was mostly due to coffee. Because coffee feeds your gut bacteria, so if you got some bad bugs it will help them multiply greatly and quickly. I told you all about cultivating my gut bacteria to improve my epigenetics. Check out that post, click here. And that was back in August. Changing our world is easy when you do it from the inside out!

So yah I am better, and better than ever. Eating raw meat along with my carnivore diet has healed so many things. I enjoy both raw and cooked meat, but I know the raw meat makes me feel better. It is just really hard to give up hot food completely. I already did give up the spices, so hot food may just be my last addiction besides water. Life is just easier when things are simple. I value time because it is a finite resource. And there are so many things that light up my brain way more than food. Modern food is merely a way to keep us small and manageable, but shoot aren’t many things.

I stopped writing in my journals because they get used against me. So, I miss it a lot. I like talking to myself way more than other people. This is how I have stayed sane and one of my biggest coping methods. I think I need to take it up again and just burn my papers afterwards. I am weirdly attached to my writings. I did not take many things when I left the death camp, but I did take a box of my journals. I hope to one day publish some of them. I figured out so much cool shit when I was at the death camp, healing my cancer and just trying to be a normal person. I succeeded at healing the cancer, but I failed at being a normal person. With my birthright and moral compass I am just destined to make waves no matter where I go without even trying. I really enjoy justice and not just for me for everyone.

I called the health department on the apartment complex because we all had mold and I passed out flyers to the people who lived there by flyering the whole complex. I told the guys’ case worker about how much processed food they were eating and how they were left in their rooms alone a lot, etc. I caused a fuss there cause no one ever told me the rules. And I was told we all deserve equal treatment and not only that but equally good treatment. Maybe they did me a favor tho? Because their programming is what has motivated me to be where I am today working on my revolution. They didn’t understand they were programming a mind that would exceed theirs so greatly. I have had lead poisoning for most of my life, so I am still new to learning about just how abnormal my brain is. All I can say for sure is it is pretty cool and I would have never guessed half the stuff I can do until the death camp and detoxing heavy metals for years. I used to stain my white sheets with purple stains when I was detoxing the most. It was a painful experience, but oh my god I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I have grown a lot since being back in Oregon. The truth has set me free, but it has pissed me off greatly. I did not mean to be hard on you all this morning or today, but I am just tired and poisoned. It has been a long year. I am just tired and would love if this was even close to over. I just want to work and explore my potential, but no my father is leader of the dark side and has brainwashed the world into thinking his way is the only way. So here we are trying to reach the masses before they damn their souls completely. They do not even believe in the grey after being brainwashed black and white for so long. I have been there before it is rough, but it is time to wake up. Because I am tired of sleeping in my Jeep. I would like to get on with my life, please.

End of rant.


Nicole Graves

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