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They all knew. Everyone with medium to high amounts of privilege knew. The Asains, Communists, Blacks, Hispanics, Dark side members, and even Scandinavians all knew about the covert genocides using foods. They all knew that their privilege came at the cost of not only other people suffering, but dying as well.

I learned this in Santa Barbara last year. It was harsh to say the least. However, these same people with midrange privilege were quick to jump on the revolutionary side when they found out about epigenetic triggers of Dyslexia. The idea that their potential was being stolen from them on a gene level was enough to get them to jump ship. It was okay for other people to have their potential unknowingly stollen from them, but when it happened to the privileged people themselves that was just too much for them to handle.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all my revolutionary people, no matter what subgroups or race or creed. However, being revolutionary does not erase all your sins. It’s not like a magical school bus that changes you into a new person. Change is something you have to create on your own. You all still need to right the wrongs from your own lives. Being revolutionary doesn’t give you a clean slate. Clean slates are earned.

There were even some people who understood how we were experiencing gene mutations due to the world and environment that we live in. However they did not put two and two together to realize this was for my family to create their own slave race. And no one is exempt.

The people who knew the most are the people who profit off the war games with not only privilege, but financially. The well off or better off people who live near the coast and highway 101 are the ones who continue to fight this war because its nothing new to them. Its merely their payday and livelihood. All along the west coast these people exist. It’s not worse in one state or another, its just a continuum.

Driving up and down the west for the past year I have learned a lot. Especially for someone who didn’t know about the war games. However, I have to admit that I have a not so nice feeling towards these people who profited from my suffering. Shoot, from all our suffering.

I tell you this because I want everyone to be in the know about what has been happening. I don’t want people to get to avoid accountability. Everyone who knew needs to be publically outed so people can see who they really are. They are the people who will sell out by all means necessary to gain privilege no matter how big or small. These are the people you all need to beware of. I’m not saying to retaliate. But I’m saying be aware of who surrounds you. Way too often people want to avoid accountability and play innocent and dumb. Don’t allow yourself to fall for it. My family and the war games would not have been able to pull this all off without help from the masses.

We live in a world where privilege makes you a murderer. How do you feel about signing up to earn privilege now?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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