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So, you know how C Diff bacteria causes Autism? Well, women know. More specifically women who have a child or children know. They make their children have Autism and other learning disabilities so they get attention and to prepare and disable them for their place in the covert war, aka their birthright.

I think pregnancy cravings are a sham. I have been pregnant a few times and I never crave weird things. However, the people around me always poison me tons more. I get hungry, but it’s mostly just more due to the poison. Women lie about a lot of things.

So all the women who have disabled children, they did that on purpose. I worked at a group home for developmental disabled people in Arizona. When the children turn out to be damaged beyond what they had hoped for women just turn their children over to the state. Some even more than just one. It’s sad because those kids who grow up to be unwanted adults have no purpose in life other than to entertain the people who need to destroy others. Working in the caregiving field was the darkness experience I had in Arizona. I learned so much about the dark side. It was overwhelming.

Women poison their children before they are born to give them Autism and other learning disabilities. So the next time you see a woman using any kind of sick child to get attention, just know she created that sickness so you would pay attention to her and she could feed off your sorrow.

Think about how many millions of dollars women cost us just in this instance. Let alone the fact that these kids grow up without ever knowing love. I am one if these kids, so I know first hand.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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