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When I was younger my Mom used to make me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting every year for my birthday. Do you know why? Carrots, cinnamon, and cream cheese feed C Diff. By the time I was in 3rd or 4th grade I started requesting carrot cake when she asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday.

When I was little my Aunt Lydia always brought Nacho Cheese Doritos camping and she always made sure I sat next to her and ate them as she pretended to enjoy them. You know why? The spices in them feed C Diff and corn causes leaky gut. This started when I was 2 or 3 because it’s all I ever remember about camping with Aunt Lydia. By the time I was 5 Nachi Cheese Doritos were my favorite if anyone asked.

You know what’s funny? I dont like Nacho Cheese Doritos and I really dont like carrot cake. I like plain low sodium potato chips or full salt but plain. And I like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, gluten free is good but regular works too.

My whole life my family told me who I was, what I liked, and what I was supposed to do. Conditioning and brainwashing are all about eroding your sense of self. If you dont know who you are, you will take others word for it. The very first step in brainwashing is erode a person’s sense of self. My family did this to me from birth.

Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs. -wikipedia

Once your sense of self is eroded, then they start inserting things into your life and mind. They rebuild you the way they want you. But not before they break you down and tell you the way you had lived was all wrong.

On river road in Eugene, when my Dad killed Brenda and took over her territory he eroded those people’s sense of self and identity. He told them they had had it all wrong their whole lives. Probably even making fun of them and mocking them for being so wrong. Then he offered them salvation because his way was not only the right way but the superior way. Then he built them back up and eliminated their connections to their old life and viewpoints. He told them you are who you associate with and got them to leave all their past on the past. They left themselves behind. But then he rebuilt them as he pleaded in a fashion that fit his agenda.

Today on river road you would never know people fighting this war were fighting for world war 3. They were completely unaffected because their identity is so deeply engrained in following the orders of my Dad, they dont kniw any different. Anything else they ever knew they left behind about 20 years ago. Who they used to be is just a fragmented memory of how wrong they lived for so long. They were lost until my Dad helped them be found. They dont kniw what they are fighting for because they fighting to be the person they have been lead to believe they are. They are struggling to hold on to the identity they have rebuilt slowly but surely over decades. The idea of loosing themselves again is too painful to even think about. To question what they are doing logically means facing they aren’t who they have been told they are.


People who’ve developed a strong identity for themselves are less prone to brainwashing. They’re not easily swayed by the influence of others. They know who they are and what they want. Their identity rests firmly on the foundation of intangible things no one can take away from them- their skills, traits, abilities, passion, and purpose.
     This is important because one may have developed a strong sense of self that rests on a volatile foundation. This is true for most people who strongly identify with their jobs, relationships, and material possessions.

The people in my Dads cult know who they are based on external things. Mostly material things, but also the jobs they have gained through privilege and the relationships they have formed because of their involvement in the professional cult. If they were to speak up and say this wrong, they could loose everything. Everything that matters to them. They are faced with a complete breakdown and loss of self on all levels of they question my Dads authority. This is exactly where he wants them. They are controllable. They were once whole people but he has broken them down and created a false reality for them in all senses where he can take away everything at the drop of a hat. Ultimate control is the only kind of control my Dad likes. That’s why he created the professional cult, the war games did not allow him enough ultimate control.

So where do these people go from here? They have mostly been kept small. Have you seen the people on River Road? They have bought into learned helplessness on a level that goes beyond deep.

My Dad does this very same thing to most people in the professional cult. They aren’t allowed to keep much if anything from their old life. This is why he prays on AA and Na so much. They know they need to change that why they go there. And he is more than happy to be their savior and show them a new way, his way.

You know what these people need to do? They need to stop eating the carrot cake and the Doritos. Start questioning everything and thinking logically. Do you really even like chips or have you just been told you do for so long that you have accepted that you like chips. What do you really like? What do you like that no one around you likes too? What makes you different? What makes you happy? What makes your soul sing?

You know why I’m safe in church parking lots? Because these people have an identity that is strong. They would never leave God behind and accept my Dad as God. Sure some people are just religious because it makes them look like a good person. But most believe in God and they believe in who they are.

What makes you believe in who you are? What do you know about yourself that you discovered on your own and no one ever told you? These are the things you need to ask yourself. If you have to be told who you are and have material possessions that represent who you are, maybe your doing it wrong. Because anyone can lie to you, but especially people who do not have your best interest in mind. Think about it, your destiny may go unfulfilled if you are listening to others telling you who you are. And that would be a tragedy because we all need the person you were destined to be.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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