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Farmers, Koreans, and Middle Men Leaders

I need your help getting nutrition to the people. During my lifetime and the past 21 day fast I learned a lot about food and nutrition. Honestly, it was just a survival mechanism. I had no choice but to do so if I wanted any kind of quality of life.

Last night I went into Walmart to get a snack. Its been over a month since I have been in a Walmart grocery shopping. Which is a new record for me in the past few years. I realized the big picture more and it scared me. The food there is altered so the ph is more alkaline than it should be. This is why its cheaper. The meat has hardly any nutrients and the ph slows down your digestion so the antibiotic resistant bacteria in it can flourish in your body as it slowly makes it’s way through your colon. Even the things in the bakery have their ph altered.

I dont know about you all but I have spent most of my life feeling bloated after I eat. This is because of the ph of the food. When the ph is more alkaline than it show be, it makes you bloated and not absorb as much nutrition from your food, and slows down your digestion. This allows for foods to rot and grow bacteria in your colon, especially meats. This is why I feel bad when I eat cooked meat. But if I eat raw beef I’m okay because it gets absorbed in the small intestine and bypasses the colon mostly.

There are certain areas that my family/Dad war on more than others. Eugene/Springfield is bad, but Redding is like this too. However, there are places with cleaner food. I had clean meat for the first time in my life last year in Garberville California on the top of a mountain. The mountains have something to do with my Dads cult and some allow people to escape the madness. The air is cleaner there and so is the food by design. I still dont fully understand this. But it’s why I was able to stay safe in Santa Fe last summer. Well, safer at least. And I was safer in Santa Barbara last fall too. These Republican towns have something we all need. They have cleaner food and water and air.

Koreans, I know you all understand the destruction more than most. Asain areas in La are so sick. They are loosing their hair, both genders. My grandma Kudearoff had really thinning hair. Ever since I was with A1 my hair has been thinning. This is caused by malnutrition. When we have an overgrowth of antibiotic resistant bacteria it takes all our nutrients that are already limited. When the body is in an alkaline state it doesn’t absorb nutrients like it should and bacteria flourish, especially bad bacteria.

I don’t know if you all do this to your people on purpose. However, they literally have it the worst. This is what I defined as the Asain genocide. The Hispanic genocide involves more genetically modified crop especially nightshades. However, asain people eat fruit, which is alkaline producing. So they make their situation worse by eating fruit even though it is healthy when we have ph balance.

Right now, in this moment, we are all in a place where if we work together we can create immediate change and improvement for us all.

Koreans I need you all to do what you do and tell the people to stop poisoning the food, especially the meats. It’s the butchers and the people who work at the grocery stores who do the bidding of my family. My Dad cannot go around and poison everyone’s food on his own. It’s the people who work in the food industry that do it. The farmers have their hands tied in regards to what the final product we receive looks like mostly. It’s the people who do this to us all. If the Koreans can do what they did to the professional cult, they can stop the butchers.

Farmers, I need you all to make an order for people to stop poisoning the food. The sooner we can get nutrition. The sooner people will be able to think for themselves. The sooner they will find themselves. It’s the best way to empower us all.

Middle men leaders, you all seem to be filling up the grocery stores very quickly. The butcher I saw yesterday that felt guilt and shame was one of you all. People dont feel guilt and shame when they believe in what they are doing. I need you all to get people to stop signing up to be my Dad’s pawns in this war he is loosing. I need you all to stand up for what’s right with the rest of us. It will take nutrition in order to reverse the damage to our genes and our lives and our hearts.

We all need to work together to do the right thing. We need to nourish our souls. This means food needs to stop being a weapon of destruction. It needs to be the gift we give each other to heal. Please help me help everyone get better one meal at a time. We have the power to do the impossible. We need to use this power for good and now. Food is our greatest resource in healing. Food be thy medicine.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

P.S. On a personal note, I need to ask for help for myself from the Koreans, farmers, and middle men leaders. I get my mail at my friend Amber’s house. She recently threw away or stole my tax return. I now understand shes a middle men and in the professional cult but kept very small. I’m not looking to get revenge. I’m looking for a statement to be made. I need the fear of God instilled in her. I’m so tired of federal crimes being committed against me. This isn’t the first piece of important mail and I understand now I was naive to think I could have mail sent there. But when I get a po box my Dad will try to do the same things just with different people. So I need a statement to be made that I am not to be messed with so to speak. My whole life people have had criminal activity around me and never been held accountable. I need them to know they will be held accountable and I deserve my human rights, even if that just means not having my mail stolen. Amber has a tenant on her property in a studio that does abide by the farmers. He appears to be Non Hispanic south American. I suppose the farmers could use him to help instill a fear of God in the Morris family.

As for the leaders of the middle men and the Koreans, I’m completely unsure of how you all handle things. But please take care of this for me. I would really appreciate some respect and decency from people. I need them to know I deserve to be treated fairly. I’m not asking to be worshipped. I’m asking to get the same rights as everyone else. I just want and need to be treated equally. Anything you can do to make this happen I greatly appreciate. And I will get a po box very soon. Thank you for everything.

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