Monday February 20th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces East Side Dark Side Leaders

East Side Dark Side Leaders

I have to ask you all why you deemed it worthy to fight against me and the revolution a few days ago? I went to bat for the east side and at that same moment you all went to bat for my Dad. Why? Why are you all supporting my Dad, multiple genocides, and the Mexican Berlin wall? Today I have seen a lot of you all are Hispanic. Why do you all support the Mexican Berlin wall? I’m sure some of you all have family in Mexico or south of the United states somewhere. Why would you desire to cut those people off from so much? But more importantly why do you want to cut them out of your lives? You all realize when the wall goes up no one will be able to cross right? The Berlin wall divided not only a country, it divided families for decades. Why would you want to do this to your families? You all dont understand the war my Dad wages on people. Your epigenetics and genes tell stories of your lives. You all dont understand the destruction because you all have not lived it. I dont want you all to have to understand what it’s like to live such destruction. I was hoping you all would take our words for it. No one deserves to live this kind of destruction. So why are you signing up to be destroyed in exchange for privilege that never pays off or pans out. My Dad has never kept a promise to any group of people that he has worked with. Not one single group has he kept his promise to. What makes you all believe you will be different? What do you have that you believe will change the way my Dad has been operating for decades? The farmers are so willing to back me up and help me and protect me because they know all too well about my Dad and how he double crosses people. And especially since you all are Hispanic there really is no hope for my Dad keeping any of his promises to you. He will use you to do his dirty work and then he will disregard you as he has for decades before now.

I understand it is your right to choose who to trust and work with. But I promise working with my Dad will get you nowhere quick. However if you all choose to be revolutionary. I promise to include you all in the conversation like you have always wanted to be included. Life is about loyalty. And there is no loyalty to be found working with my Dad.

You all can choose to be revolutionary and we will not hold any grudges. But if you continue down this road that you are on we will fight back and you will be viewed as an enemy of almost everyone. The world is supporting me. And so if you choose to be my enemy, then you are choosing to make the world your enemy. That’s a pretty heavy decision. Definitely think it over because it is something you all will have to live with.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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